Healthy Slope Snacks – What I Brought to Colorado

In case you didn’t know, Colorado is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places ON EARTH. Everywhere you look are just mountains, mountains and more mountains; some covered in snow, some just bright red rocks and others just endless rows of evergreens.


Now, when you’re surrounded by so much damn nature, don’t you think it’s wise to EAT close to nature too? I certainly feel that way, so when I make my annual ski trip out to Colorado I always make sure to pack a heck of a lotta healthy snacks in addition to all my long underwear. (Ok, I always, no matter WHERE I’m going, bring healthy food with me. You know that. Like to the Bahamas, Costa Rica, when I’m a houseguest…)

The name(s) of the game when I packed for my trip to Telluride, Colorado were: GUT HEALTH, HYDRATION and LONG-LASTING ENERGY.

(Travel Tip: When you’re going on a trip, think in advance what YOUR name/names of the game is/are. Each trip you take will take different tolls on your body and have different results for which you want your healthy food and snacks to achieve. For example, a resort; chilling in the pool/beach vacation is going to require much different food-priorities (like making sure you sip on healthy cocktails and enjoy healthy snacks) than this ski vacation which requires me to stay fueled, strong and hydrated at all times.)

GUT HEALTH because it’s vacation and I, of course, indulge (and want to recover quickly so I can still have good days).

HYDRATION because I’m at a super high elevation and it’s super important to stay super hydrated so I don’t get super sick and nauseous.

LONG-LASTING ENERGY because when I’m skiing my booty off on the slopes all day, I’ve gotta have fuel in the tank to keep me up. (Unless I just want to ride the chairlifts all day to take in the views. Which actually isn’t the worst idea…)

So when I was packing for my plant-party on the GO, I kept those things in mind, which is why I brought:

colorado snacks post

  • Shakeology – to give me all the plant-based protein, energy and nutrients I need and love, without having to buy a bajillion tons of produce.

    shakeology colorado
    mixing shakeology in water on the lift!
  • Yerba Mate tea bags – Since Yerba Mate tea is dubbed the athlete’s energy tea, I figured it would serve me well flying down the mountain on skis. And serve me well it did. It was the perfect morning does of non-jittery energy to keep me pumped and focused. (Plus it’s always lovely to start the day with something warm in your tummy.)
  • Dried Coconut Water Packetsas I written about before, coconut water is super duper uber hydrating! It’s got more potassium than naners, it’s got oodles of electrolytes and it’s quite delicious to boot. I enjoyed these puppies apres ski or apres apres ski. You feel me?

    apres-skiing with coconut water packets
    apres-skiing with coconut water packets
  • Chia/Hemp/Buckwheat/Cacao Blend – I found this bag of amazingness at the grocery store out in CO, and you better believe I’m going to be making my own blend at home IMMEDIATELY. (I guess I’ll share that with you when I do 🙂 ). It’s basically a bag of “instant chia pudding” plus protein out the wazoo! (Which is basically my plant-loving self’s dream come true.) You know how awesome chia is, and you know how protein-rich hemp is, you even know how badass buckwheat is! Mix those three superstars together, add cacao for some rich, chocolate flavor (and good-for-you minerals) and this breakfast could not be any better! Basically you use the mix in a 2:1 almond milk to mix ratio, let the chia seed plump up like you would chia pudding, and you’ve got a filling, energizing, strengthening, delicious POWER BREAKFAST! (And adding some cereal to the party wasn’t a bad idea either…)

  • Blueberry Cinnamon Flax Cereal – This, yes, was far from gluten-free, but that’s the thing when you’re on vacation – you can’t ALWAYS eat PERFECTLY. And you know what? That’s OK! (I mean, it wouldn’t have been ok, nor would I have eaten this cereal a few mornings had it upset my tummy, but it didn’t and so having a little DELICIOUS gluten-filled cereal with almond milk and that chia stuff from above was all good.)  
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – You know about my love affair with ACV, right? Well if you don’t, you can read all about ACV here and you can know that I love it because it’s insanely good for the GUT (boosts the good bacteria, settles the stomach, turbocharges digestion…), it’s hydrating, energizing, immune-boosting (key for any trip, which is why I bring it every single time I travel) and alkaline-forming so when I eat acidic foods like OMG these truffle parsley french fries which were to die for, I drink ACV the next morning [2 tbsp in a cup of water with 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and 1/2 a packet of stevia shaken in a shaker cup] and get to reset my body and belly back to normal. WEE!
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon’s just an overall medicinal rockstar, that tastes delightful as well. I always bring cinnamon on trips to make those morning apple cider vinegar drinks I was telling you about a second ago.
  • Larabars – for a la slope snacks. These little fruit and nut nuggets of long-lasting energy fit perfectly in a ski/snowboarding jacket pocket and makes for the ideal chairlift snack.

    skiing 'n snacking
    skiing ‘n snacking
  • Stevia Packets – What DON’T I use stevia packets in?! I spike my morning ACV drinks with them, I’ll sprinkle them in a non-sweet-already cereal, I can add them to tea on the fly, or even cocktails on the fly…stevia is one of my best travel buddies.
  • Trail Mix – Nothing says being in the mountains quite like trail mix. And nothing feels energizing and strengthening quite like it, either! While I love to make my own TM, Woodstock Farms was faaaantastic (and they wrote me a sweet Instagram comment so that obviously made me love them more).
  • Raw Revolution Bars – Similar to Lara Bars, these guys are raw little bundle bars of joy (and long-lasting/quick-igniting energy), perfect for snacking on the slopes.

    snacking 'n chairlift sitting
    snacking ‘n chairlift sitting

NOT PICTURED: The following guys were hanging out in the fridge/counter while this photo was being taken. 

  • apples – for snacking, of course.
  • bananas – for adding to cereal, of course.
  • blueberries – also for adding to cereal, of course.
  • almond milk – for mixing up Shakeology and for cereal, of course.
  • oranges – for snacking and feeling great, of course.

Oh and we can’t forget about the plane ride!! Always gotta bring food for the plane ride. (I have my boyfriend carry our bag of grub instead of his “purse” – he usually leaves that at home…) For this 5 hour flight we brought:

colorado plane

  • Ski Boots – for skiing.
  • An apple – for snacking.
  • “Baked” popcorn – also for snacking (but this kind wasn’t very good).
  • An entree that I got from a healthy restaurant the night before (high five for planning ahead!) that had everything you could ever want: tempeh, black beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes, kale, seaweed, cauliflower, broccoli and a ginger carrot dressing…UMMM yeah – the flight attendants were jealous (and also kindly gave us plasticware).
  • Banana protein pancakes – that I made before the flight at 5:30 AM – totally killed it as the perfect pre-plane-snooze breakfast!

protein pancakes colorado

(And not seen here – a veggie chili that got confiscated at security. Sad face. Apparently nothing with “paste” can be taken on a plane???)

So yeah! That’s how I rocked this ski vacation! Did you know that I have a whole awesome coaching program about JUST THIS?! (Eating healthfully while traveling/on the go?) It’s called Party on the Go. GO CHECK IT OUT. It’ll help you rock your next trip.

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