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I talk about it all the time. I post about it all the time. I EAT it all the time.

I know YOU know about my obsession with BANANA ICE CREAM.

And for good reason.

Banana ice cream is THE most delicious thing you can make with plants.

It’s decadence without dairy. Sweetness without added sugar. A crave-worthy treat without CRAP.

Oh! And it takes 2 seconds to make. (And 2 ingredients.)

I PROMISE YOU…once you go banana [ice cream], you never go back [to dairy ice cream].

banana ice cream!

All you do is:

add 1-1.5 bananas


1-2 splashes of almond milk

into a food processor

and process it until smooth.

(Watch THIS video to watch how easy it is.)

Of course, you can add flavorings and stuff.
Like I do with mint chocolate chip banana ice cream,
or strawberry chocolate chip banana ice cream

You watched the video, right?

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