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My Morning Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar Drink (*updated!*)

Two years ago I made a video showing how I make ‘n shake my daily morning ACV drink – sorry: Apple Cider Vinegar Drink – we have a very personal relationship. I explained how Apple cider vinegar is a MIRACLE vinegar – it can help with so many things from our skin to our weight to our digestion to our energy to our immunity…just to name a few.

And all of this still stands. It absolutely still stands. I’ve just altered my go-to morning ACV drink since I last showed it to you and I figured I’d give you a peek into my current AMAZING AM ACV drink (or as I call it, my AAACV drink) so you can try it on for size, too!

Really all I did is swap out the cinnamon in the old recipe for a packet or scoop of Amazing Grass greens powder*, which I think just takes this drink to new heights. I like ensuring that no matter WHAT, I’m getting greens into my bod – and drinking this drink every morning as I do (even when I travel) 100% ensures that even if there’s a spinach shortage or kale catastrophe, I’m gettin mah greens. I also love using Amazing Grass’ Energy Greens* which give me a little matcha and yerba mate jolt too (I drink this as my pre-morning workout drink) but I’ll also sub in different greens if I’m not wanting the caffeine thing.

*if you wanna get Amazing Grass Greens in your life (which I highly recommend) you can actually save 40% if you buy it on their website and use coupon code PLANTPARTY40 at checkout 🙂 This is all possible because they’re one of my proud podcast sponsors, which all happened because I genuinely <3 them to death!

So just like my other ACV drink recipe, this drink takes literally seconds to make AND can literally help you flatten your tummy, boost your energy, help your digestion and start your day feeling your greatest.

AAND like my other recipe, it might be an acquired taste, but just keep adding stevia until you’ve really acquired…that…taste…

Ok, here’s what to do:

My Morning Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar Drink (*updated!*)
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1 drink
  • 8-10 ounce of water
  • 2 tbsp ACV (apple cider vinegar)
  • 1 packet or scoop of Amazing Grass greens powder
  • stevia (liquid or powder) to taste
  2. Then drink 🙂

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