(Especially when you use my recipes!)

If you want more real, whole, healthy foods gracing your body’s presence, in a way that tastes great and doesn’t require hours (or even very many minutes) spent in the kitchen, you’ve come to the right place.

This place is my “plant-party,” where I make eating plants as fun as a party!


You can expect that all of my recipes feature real plants {fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes & natural sweeteners}.

You can expect to see very little CRAP {chemicals, refined, artificial and processed fake-foods} in my recipes.

You can expect all of my recipes to taste shockingly good while being surprisingly easy to make.

These are TRUE HAPPY MEALS: meals that make your body, your tastebuds and your wallet very very happy.



Plants are the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. (Meaning: You get more healthy bang for your buck when you eat ’em.)

Speaking of bucks, plants don’t require many. Plants are cheap.

They’re also low in calories, if you care about those things.

Plants require so little energy to digest! You know digesting is work for your bod, right? Spending less energy on digestion means you’ll have so much more energy to spend playing flag football, taking a road trip, running errands, cleaning out your medicine cabinet, making it to the gym or whatever else you do in your life!

If you compare all the dietary theories, you’ll see they disagree about meat, dairy, gluten, yada yada…but they all high five about the health/weight/happiness benefits of eating more plants!

That’s because eating a high-plant diet brings your body into its healthiest, disease-free state: Veggies are the most alkaline and anti-inflammatory foods on the planet.

Eating more plants can help you sleep better, poop better, digest better, ward off colds better, have glowing skin better (huh?), make your pants fit better and because of all that <– BE HAPPIER! 

They’re sexy, versatile and tasty AF!



Since veggies and fruits are the healthiest stuff you can eat, the more definitely the merrier…

…but that’s not to say there can’t be room in your life for wine, cheese, meat or dunkaroos.

Some call it “the 80/20 rule,” but I don’t like numbers so I call it “the eat more plants than you do crap party in my plants principle.”

All right. Enough chatting! Let's get you chomping on...

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