SPARKNOTES from the 18 Tippy Top Things I Learned from My Baller 1st Year of Podcast Guests!


November marks this podcast’s first anniversary/birthday! (Not sure what I’m technically celebrating but I’m pumped!) Here’s a fun and helpful round up the top takeaways from 365 days of chit chatting with some brilliant, baller peeps. Basically, consider this the Sparknotes from my first 60 episodes.

Actually, feel free to STEAL these Sparknotes (by downloading the below PDF) so you can apply this GOLDEN info to your life right this very moment!

PS. MAJOR shoutout to my amazing-beyond-amazing podcast editor Oleksandr (aka Alex!) who has literally made this whole year of podcasting possible. Like, literally. Like, sometimes I send him podcasts at his midnight the day before it needs to be uploaded and he nails it and adds awesome funny sound effects. 

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