#69: 18 Health Goals That Are Not Dumb!


Since the last digit of the date just changed, that means it’s obviously time for us as humans to make a massive life change! (Duh.) Personally, I’m not a resolution-ist because I honestly set goals all year long. I just set NOT-DUMB goals. (It’s an acronym. And also a literary description of how goals should be.) In this episode, I define NOT-DUMB goals, I rant a tiny bit about goals vs. intentions and how you need both to succeed versus flying solo with one or the other, and I suggest 18 (cuz it’s now 2018, duh) 18 specific, NOT-DUMB party in my plants approved positive HEALTHY GOALS that you might wanna consider setting. Try some on for size. Meditate on them. Ponder one during your next sweat session. Modify them to fit your unique desires. Whatevs you wanna do, here are some of my ideas on goals.

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Those 18 Health Goals That Are Not Dumb!

First of all, A NOT DUMB goal:

has N….NUGGETs







Here are 18 (cuz it’s now 2018, duh) 18 specific, NOT DUMB, Party in My Plants approved positive HEALTHY GOALS that you might wanna consider setting. Try some on for size. Meditate on them. Ponder one during your next sweat session. Modify them to fit your unique desires. Whatevs you wanna do, here are some of my ideas:

1.) Start eating banana ice cream instead of regular ice cream or even store-bought highly processed “vegan” ice creams. Here’s my perfect recipe for banana ice cream!!!

2.) Once a week, substitute a veggie pasta for pasta pasta at dinner. I love spiralizing zucchini and sweet potatoes into noodles (if you don’t have a spiralizer and don’t want to have veggie noodle FOMO, some stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes actually now SELL spiralized noodles so yay!) also you can always just cut open a spaghetti squash, scoop out the seeds, drizzle 1/2 tbsp of olive oil on each side, sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast it at 400 degrees F for 45 minutes and then you’ll be able to scoop out veggie noodles right from the squash!

3.) Drink one plant-packed smoothie a day for breakfast or a snack. Easy enough.

[If it makes it easier, you can check out Daily Harvest which is an awesome company that sends you pre-frozen (without the liquid) plant party smoothies that you store in your freezer and just add water or almond milk to and blend! I love their smoothies when I’m in a mad rush to get plants in my bod and you can get 3 free smoothies with your 1st Daily Harvest order if you use code PARTYINMYPLANTS at checkout.]

Here’s My Go-To Green Smoothie! | A chocolate coffee smoothie! | The BEST Peanut Butter Green Smoothie! | A Post-Yoga Chai Green Smoothie! | The Pumpkin Green Smoothie That You’ve Been Waiting For!

4.) Make this year your year of plant-proteins! (Here’s a podcast episode all about plant-protein.) Don’t be afraid. Tofu, tempeh, lentils and beans are actually awesome so make it a GOAL to phase more of them into your diet. To make these even more specific, maybe you set the goal of making Tuesday night tofu night and trying 1 new tofu recipe each Tuesday! Ohh and then Thursday could be tempeh night! And then beans and lentils are screwed because there are no days of the week that starts with B or L…

5.) Drink one mushroom tea or coffee or hot cocoa a day. You know I love Four Sigmatic and you can hear more about the almost sounds too good to be true health benefits of shrooms in this podcast episode!

6.) Make Sunday protein pancakes in bed day.

7.) Look at your next week’s dinners in advance and make a little plan (this episode can help with that!) so you’re not winging it. Winging it hardly ever results in winning meals.

8.) However, if you really prefer the winging it lifestyle, set a goal of keeping your pantry, fridge and freezer stocked AF at all times this year! My downloadable guidebook: Plant Party in Your Kitchen gives you exact shopping lists for keeping turning your home into a Whole Foods!

9.) At your next alcohol friend or family gathering, make yourself a kombucha cocktail with kombucha + vodka + ice.

10.) Re kindle your love for a healthy habit that you led slide away. We all have habits that we love but drifted from. A weekly bath, using your crock pot, batch cooking quinoa for the week, meditating in the morning…pick that thing you love but don’t do for whatever reason back up!

11.) Set a goal to start every day with a cleansing plant drink! For me, you know this means my amazing apple cider vinegar drink, but for others it could mean lemon water, chlorophyll water, 16 ounces of water water….

Speaking off…

12.) Drink your full water bottle 4 times each day. Start to finish, top to bottom, but have a bathroom nearby.

13.) Diffuse orange or a citrus oil in your home to keep your spirits super high or lavender oil to keep your energy super chill. Learn more about essential oils in this podcast!

14.) Go put 3 packets of stevia in each purse and coat pocket right now so when you’re on the go you can sweeten coffee, tea, cocktails and oatmeal with plant-derived stevia instead of chemical-filled Splenda.

15.) Master a homemade pesto that you can make in seconds and put over quinoa, veggies, pasta, sweet potatoes, etc. for quick weeknight dinners. Here’s my formula for the besto pesto:


16.) Eat or drink 1 fermented thing each day (kombucha, apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, kimchi!) And listen to Terry Walters talk about the amazing health benefits of doing so in this episode!

17.) Become the person who shows up with those amazing black bean brownies for every Super Bowl, birthday, and dinner party! The recipe for those amazing black bean brownies you’ll become legendary for is here!

18.) Eat at least one plant at each meal and snack you have each day. And while you’re at it, PARTY in your plants, right? Eat healthfully with joy and happiness knowing you’re doing your bod really really good.


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