#64: My IBS Story (Ie. That Time I Almost Pooped My Pants!) And More Personal Stuff! With Me. Questioned by The Healthy Maven.


This episode is a little backwards. Like, it’s kind of opposite day on my podcast today. And I blame Davida! It’s all her fault! And her idea! And I love it! I connected with Davida (who you might know better as The Healthy Maven, because like that’s her blog name and she has a pretty popular blog) in a pretty ballsy way: I just emailed her. I reached out after seeing on Instagram and hearing on her podcast just how she has a really inclusive, chill, welcome, honest perspective on wellness. Just like me, she’s all about doing and eating the healthy stuff in order to be able to go out there and live your best freaking life rather than doing and eating the healthy stuff in PLACE of living your life. Nah mean? (She and I also both have goldendoodles and got engaged around the same time and started our podcast around the same time so yeah, we bonded over that too.) And then we became real life friends! Like we hung out in the flesh! Which is awesome and a good life-lesson if you’re afraid to go out there and make real life friends with internet people.

Anyhoot, instead of bring her on for a traditional podcast interview, she suggested coming on MY podcast to interview me! Ballsy on her part, right? She’s like “lemme just steal the host spot of the Party in My Plants Podcast!” Whatever, it worked, we did it. And this is the episode.

This is Davida! And her dog Bodhi and fiancé Curt! (click on this adorbs pic to go to her blog!)

This episode is enthusiastically sponsored by Four Sigmatic Mushrooms. I’m telling you – these mushrooms are magic! Although they don’t make me hallucinate in a bathtub like my exboyfriend’s famous magic mushroom experience which honestly, he seemed way too proud of. But hear this – I wasn’t hallucinating the magical effects of these shrooms – they’re ultra scientifically proven to boost immunity and gut health (yes please and thank you!) and the four different shrooms that Four Sigmatic uses most (hence the FOUR in FOUR Sigmatic…eh? I just got that too, well like 3 minutes ago) all do different epic things for your bod. Reishi helps you relax, Cordyceps give you non-caffeinated energy for sports and stuff, Lion’s Mane which doesn’t come from a lion’s…mane…boosts your BRAIN and Chaga is ya ya good for immunity issues like when you’re traveling or feeling run down and/or both.
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(which is awkward because the notes are all about me).

Yes, I have IBS. But no, I don’t identify as having it. Because I’m the boss of it, it’s not the boss of ME! I offer private health coaching for people who want to learn my ways of becoming the boss of their tummy issues too!

Here’s my vegan banana cake batter ice cream and birthday cake remix recipe (with me singing an old Coldstone Creamery song).

This is the podcast episode in which I discuss not aiming to lose weight for my wedding!

My favorite plant-party restaurant: ABC Kitchen and ABCV (listen to my chat with the head chef of ABCV Neal Harden!!!)

My favorite plant: green apples (my first AIM screenname was greenapplegirly1 and my Bat Mitzvah theme was “green apples”), kale and sweet potatoes.

A book that’s really inspired me in some awesome way: Add More ~Ing To Your Life by Gabby Bernstein was a huge game-changer for me.


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