#59: Screw Shedding for the Wedding! Here’s What I’m Doing Instead.


The moment that engagement ring slid onto my finger,

I experienced two major immediate thoughts about my appearance. The first had to do with my nails (gotta stop neglecting those chipped, spear-shaped suckers!). The second had to do with my “body image.” The latter of which this episode is about.

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Sparknotes of this solo ‘sode:

The moment that engagement ring slid onto my finger I was all like, “time to start a’changing my body. Gotta lose those last 5 lbs.”

But then on a run I had a little chat with myself and came to the conclusion that “You’re freaking good. You feel great and you actually already dig your body. Jesse’s clearly happy to hang with it for the rest of his life. Just keep being your best self as a bride. That’s it.”

So I literally just gave myself permission to shed the weight loss thing right outa of my life.

What I’m doing instead: be the best possible version of myself, confident as a mofo and energized as eff. That’s really it. 

I believe weight loss goals or body transformations for a wedding or for a Wednesday shouldn’t be measured on a scale or via a pant or wedding dress size,  the whole oal ought to be simply measured by how happy, confident, proud and energetic you feel. Which, unfortunately doesn’t have a battery-operated device to calculate your progress but just go with your gut to gauge.

So ultimately, I believe that having a “good body image” is simply: feeling like your best self. Making choices every single day that keep you as your best self, or move you even more in the direction of your present day, current-circumstances best self.

(To clarify, your best self isn’t based on your size. It’s really based on confidence. It’s about OWNING who you are and reeking that ownership from head to toe.)

Can you make moves to remove a little fat from your hips WHILST owning who you are? YES. More on this in this podcast episode. And this one

So, for my wedding, yes my goal is to be the best possible, present-day Talia walking down the aisle to marry the amazing dream dude I found online. I want to actually feel like MYSELF and recognize myself when I look back on photos of my wedding day!

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