#51: How to Live Out of a Suitcase…Permanently! with Alyssa Ramos


Alyssa Ramos probably has more stamps in her passport than I have, I dunno, I’ve been sitting here for 5 minutes thinking of a good joke and got nothing. Suffice it to say that Alyssa Ramos, travel blogger at My life’s a Movie, who’s been traveling the world non-stop for 3 years now, has a lot of stamps in her passport. I found Alyssa when Shannon Kaiser, an author, friend and former PIMP podcast guest, wrote an article for Entrepreneur Magazine about empowering entrepreneurs you gotta follow on Instagram. And, just one peek at the photos on Alyssa’s instagram account, and you’ll instantly get a bad case of the travel bug, because she just posts photo after photo of herself in one beautiful place after the next beautiful place. Oh and she uses a selfie stick for said photos. Because she travels the world completely solo like a badass girlboss unicorn mermaid girl POWER. Here’s our hack-fill chat in which we discuss flight hacking, jet lag hacking, exercise hacking, selfie hacking and my favorite: packing hacking!

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Traveling is legitimately Alyssa’s J-O-B. She’s a full time travel blogger.

She loves helping people “affordably travel” in a way that doesn’t mean backpacking and hostels. She also loves helping people travel SOLO since she’s been traveling the world solo for years!

Wanna dabble in solo travel? –> Start with a staycation! Properly book a hotel like an hour from where you live, book dinner, book an activity like art or shopping or naturey stuff.

“You’re not really alone when you travel solo. It’s impossible to travel and not encounter people.”

Some behind-the-scenes deets about Alyssa’s incredible instagram photos:

  • She takes most of her photos on her GoPro!
  • She uses a tripod selfie stick! And she usually makes her selfie stick visible in her photos because she wants people to know that she’s actually solo.


  • Don’t fold your clothes! Just lay them flat and fold in the sleeves and stuff
  • Use compression bags! And organize your clothes per category in each compression bag

These are the compression bags Alyssa loves! 

Watch Alyssa’s awesome tutorial for packing:

How Alyssa plays Flight Roulette (aka flight hacks):

“It’s just being savvy about destinations that are cheaper to travel to and using them to connect yourself to a place you actually want to go to.”

Example: her younger brother wanted to come visit her in Bali from Florida. So…

  1. She told him to go to SKYSCANNER.COM and plug in DEPARTURE: “Florida, any airport” and ARRIVE: “flexible – to anywhere” and for date, click the entire month of August.
  2. Then say it comes up that Florida to Indonesia is $800 (yuck) but Florida to Bangkok (in Thailand; near Indonesia) is $400. Sweet!
  3. Then do a second search: Bangkok to anywhere. See that Bangkok to Bali is $96. So he could fly to Bangkok from Florida then Bangkok to Bali for $496 rather than Florida to Bali for $800. The key here is booking two separate flights with different airlines.

She also likes kiwi.com for cheap Southeast Asia flights.

In general, this works better long in advance. But the cheapest possible flights you can probably find about 1 month in advance, MINIMUM.

So a lot of hotels/B&B’s are getting smart and are also promoting themselves on Airbnb. Routinely, Alyssa looks on booking.com and does a map google search for hotels in a specific location.

For Airbnb, Alyssa has had success negotiating for stays for like 4 or more nights. Ask for a discounted rate! You have the upper hand.

Alyssa’s a vegetarian! A plant-eater! She says it’s actually not that hard to eat plants around the world.

Some ways to beat jet lag:

  • The same old same old thing you always hear: DRINK WATER! But really, do it. It really works.
  • Don’t look at what time it is in the last place you traveled to. Just start living your life in the current time zone of the place you’ve landed in! In other words, don’t go with your body, go with the clock. But I mean, do listen to your body. The first day, give it a full day to rest. Drink a ton of water, rest, take naps, etc. But then day 2, it’s normal time. “Normal” be the place you’re sleeping in.

How does Alyssa stay in shape while traveling? –> She walks in a very specific and unique way: she tightens all of her muscles while she walks around. Like she flexes her abs, tightens her tush, etc while walking. She says it works like gangbusters! (And her bikini photos are proof of that.)

For gut health, Alyssa eats lots of yogurt, which she learned about in India. But listen: we’re not talking about GoGurt or Chobani greek yogurt here, nothing processed. She also eats as many greens as possible (she’s working on liking them more!) and drinks a ton of water. In her words…

“I drink so much water I should basically be a mermaid!”


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