#50: Ayurved-huh?! with Sahara Rose.


Today’s guest is bringing something back, but unlike Justin Timberlake, sexy isn’t it. It’s Ayurveda! The world’s oldest health system! Sahara Rose discovered (well, kind of re-discovered) Ayurveda when she wasn’t feeling all that great and used its tools and principles to help her feel better than great! Now she’s on an awesome mission to help make Ayurveda mainstream, starting with this here podcast episode – cuz let’s be real, The Party in My plants podcast is as mainstream as it gets, yo. You might be wondering why I keep saying mainstream, but once you hear in this chat that the words used in Ayurveda to describe ailments are things like “too much wind” or “not enough fire” you’ll understand why Sahara’s job isn’t necessarily a simple one!  

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LOADS of Notes From This ‘Sode:

Contrary to my stupid belief, Ayurveda is pronounced exactly as it looks! 😛

What IS Ayurveda?

“It’s a system of health based on taking a personality quiz.”

“It basically tells you what foods to eat based on how you feel and how you act in this world.”

It’s also the world’s oldest health system on which all other health systems are based off of (including Chinese medicine) that was started 5,000 years ago.

“It’s a consciousness system of health – it includes the mind, the body, the personality, the seasons, the environment…it’s like everything is interconnected.”

“So every food that you put into your body affects you on an energetic level. It’s not even the difference between calories and fats, it’s actually the qualities of that food. And eating certain foods not only can heal your body of physical ailments but also mental ailments, too.”

The word Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” meaning to have health you must have complete knowledge of life.

Sahara discovered Ayurveda when she was a raw vegan (which is probably the opposite of Ayurveda!).

Your digestive system is in charge of everything else. So you need to keep your digestive fire blazing, baby!!!!

Some of the terminology used with Ayurveda is really weird. Like saying someone has “wind in their body.” But like, when you “let out wind” that means you farted, right? Well in Ayurveda, having too much “wind” means you’re gassy and bloated. So it sounds weird when you think about literally wind but it’s just kind of a descriptive word…

“We’re just so not used to using terminology described as nature to describe our body.”

DOSHAS = the 3 mind/body types.

Vata → wind. (note: when I said I hate wind more than any other element – truth – Sahara said that  means I have excess vata because the wind aggravates it.) Wind is unpredictable, like a vata’s mind and body.

  • Personality/mentality – you’re creative, artistic, big picture, lots of new ideas, high energy
  • Physically – cold digestive fire – hard time digesting foods, hunger is unpredictable.

Pitta → fire.

  • Personality/mentality – fierce, determined, strong willed, irritable, angry, prone to being hangry
  • Physically – acidity problems, heartburn, ulcers, anything with too much acid and also just feeling hot all the time,

Kapha → earth.

  • Personality/mentality – lots of grounding energy, able to hold space for everyone so everyone can lean on them with their problems, like grandmother energy
  • Physically – gains weight more easily, not a fan of exercising/running all over the place, but least likely to get sick and have the strongest endurance

We all have all 3 doshas in us. We’re born with a set amount. But our lifestyle can shift that set amount. Example: our diets can throw things out of whack.

“With Ayurveda, what you really address is your imbalance. Because different things can go out of balance at different points in your life.”

How do you know if you’re imbalanced? → You notice what’s coming up for you (what ailments you’re experiencing… like digestive issues, anxiety, depression, a skin problem…) You look at what dosha that’s connected to and then you address that dosha.

A lot of Ayurveda is about practices that you do every day to balance your body.

There are actually specific exercises (like workout types) that are best for each dosha! Ex: for me having high vata, grounding yoga would be the best for me – but as you know from listening to this podcast episode, I struggle to want to do yoga.

Sahara likens all this to a pendulum:

The more balanced you are, the more you naturally crave the things that keep you in balance and the more imbalanced you are the more you crave things that bring you out of balance.

If you wanna find out your doshic constitution, check out Sahara’s quiz!

“This is a system of bringing you back into balance.”

Best foods for each dosha:

Vata – the best foods are warm, moist, heavy, grounding foods (so crunchy things like popcorn, chips and cold things like icey things, cold salads are to be avoided)

Pitta – already are warm internally so warm things (spicy things) aren’t the best idea. Acidic foods like tomatoes and oranges aren’t ideal for them either.

Kapha – we weirdly didn’t cover this one!

In general…it’s like, when you’re out of balance, whatever you crave, do the opposite. Because when we’re out of balance (which we know by having some sort of ailment: anxiety, digestive issues, skin breakout, heartburn, etc.) we crave more of what brings us more out of balance. When we’re in balance (feeling calm, happy, healthy, strong) we crave more of what brings us into balance.

^^^weird AF but kind of makes a lot of sense, right?!?!

Vata – need grounding, strengthening exercises. Weight lifting or bodyweight strength stuff.

Pitta – need to chill, yin yoga classes are great, pilates are great…slow things are ideal.

Kapha – they don’t want to exercise really so they should exercise and do the running, spin, etc!

Sahara’s magical tea mix:

CCF Tea – ½ tsp of cumin, coriander and fennel seeds in about 4 cups of hot water, let it steep for like 10 minutes and it’s so good for digestive fire – it helps your body absorb nutrients of food so much better and it relieves gas so much

So why is cold food so bad for us? Because it requires so much of our body’s energy to heat back up after consuming it! And that takes away energy from our body being able to do its normal things. (In my opinion this is also why eating hard-to-digest foods like cheeseburgers and chicken parm are a terrible idea…because they’re so hard to digest that your body works do hard to digest them – duh – and then takes away energy from living!)

“Digestion is the cornerstone of life. In Ayurveda they say ‘it’s not what you eat, it’s how you digest.’”

Wanna order/pre-order Sahara’s book – The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda? DO THAT HERE!

Her favorite plant-party restaurant: Cafe Gratitude, Real Food Daily, Beaming (a superfood cafe) has the most amazing acai bowls and smoothies!

Her favorite plant to eat: collard greens which she uses to make wraps! (Like the collard green takes the place of the tortilla.)

Her most-used kitchen tool: her Instant Pot!

A book that’s inspired her in some awesome way: Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra


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