#48: Weight Loss = Plants + Thoughts. with Osha Key


Osha Key is passionate and skilled at helping women eat more plants to weigh less pounds. She’s a certified nutritionist and health coach and the founder of the Lovetarian diet, which contrary to what I thought, means more than just eating heart-shaped cookies. Now, full disclosure: I don’t weigh myself nor at all suggest that you do – in fact I’d discourage you from stepping on a scale or evening owning one, and in this positive body love society that we’re becoming (which, snaps for that I mean right?!), I feel like it’s become a little taboo to talk about weight loss, but honestly, I just believe that it’s totally a thing to both love your body AND take healthy steps to help it fit into cute pants more comfortably. And that whole healthy steps thing is exactly what Osha believes in – and believe it or not, the first step she suggests for weight loss is actually in your MIND, not in your meal.

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Notes From This Chat!

Osha lost over 40 lbs by EATING PLANTS! Well, and by doing some other things, too…

“The standard for my health wasn’t that high but then I changed the standard…and that’s when I lost about 20 lbs total.”

Our reality will always meet our standards. If our standard is to example: “only pay the bills” then you’ll be able to pay the bills but you won’t necessary have money to buy anything else.

“If you want to create a huge shift then you have to change your standards because your actions will follow that standard.”

osha key

Ex: “I’m the kind of person who exercises consistently.” or “I’m the kind of person who doesn’t eat crap.”

“The reason I look the way I look and I feel the way I feel is because of the standard for my self care that I currently have.”

I love this because it encourages (well really, forces) you to take RESPONSIBILITY for yourself and your life. You then realize that YOU’RE the one in control…you’re not a victim to your circumstances or genetics or whatever else you tend to blame.

Common EMOTIONAL/SUBCONSCIOUS Reasons You Might Have Extra Weight on Your Bod:

  1. Protection
  2. Shame
  3. Filling an inner voice b/c something’s missing from life or you’re unfulfilled in your job, home, relationship…
  4. Feeling unworthy of having the bod of our dreams
  5. Fear that we’ve been taking advantage of
  6. Storage of emotional trauma in our fat cells

Check out Osha’s full quiz for finding your emotional reasons in this course and this one!

Weight loss is a combination of 3 factors:

1- nutrition

2- exercise

3- mindset**


Set an intention in the morning. First thing when you wake up, between when you’re fully awake and still sleeping, and say to yourself…

I choose to be in a reality where I’m fit, healthy and have cravings for healthy food and have tons of energy for exercise and feel amazing about myself.”

The “I choose to be in a reality” wording relieves you of the pressure of forcing or manipulating yourself to do anything…rather, you’re just tuning into the reality of a situation.

Using this type of affirmation/intention setting every day really helps you not need to rely on “willpower” to make healthy choices 🙂

ROUTINES really help you make healthy choices every day because they become a routine so you don’t need to “try” you just automatically do it.

“A Lovetarian Diet is eating in a way that nourishes your body, your mind and your soul.”

osha key

Important for weight loss → balancing your blood sugar levels.

Osha says:

“Sugar isn’t the enemy — the blood sugar swings are.”

The combination of sugar and fat are what cause the real blood sugar disruptions. And oil, actually, can play a role in that.

So…Osha gets her healthy fats through whole food sources versus oils. So avocados, nuts and seeds are her BFFS!

In terms of the foods she loves to eat for weight-loss…

“Focus on nutrient dense foods. Forget about calories, just focus on the things that have the most vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.”

Leafy greens are as nutrient dense as you can get!

(But most/all plants are nutrient dense foods! Cuz they jam packed with nutrients, yo!)

With exercise, consistency is key. There’s not like “one type of perfect exercise,” whatever exercise YOU enjoy doing, you’ll do! The most important part is moving your body daily..not just for weight loss, for balancing blood sugar levels, your mental clarity (as you know I love running for anxiety), skin, hormone balance, everything!

Sometimes, losing a couple of unwanted pounds can be as “simple” slash “bold” as changing your identity. This goes back to the morning intention setting from above but also, try this:

When you’re ordering dinner or deciding what to make for dinner, ask yourself:

“What would [fill in your name], who has the highest standards for her health, and who’s really fit and strong and confident eat right now?”

osha key

Which really you can ask yourself in all situations in your life..not just when eating!

Osha’s favorite plant-party restaurant: Sayuri Healing Foods in Bali

Her favorite plants: Avocados! She loves combining avo with steamed broccoli and roasted or steamed pumpkin and magic happens. (Plus sea/pink salt.)

Her most-used kitchen tool: her blender

A book that’s really inspired her in some awesome way: The Parallel Universe of Self by  Frederick Dodson 

OSHA’S WEBSITE (where you can get her free ebook) | HER LOVETARIAN DETOX PROGRAM


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