#47: A Deep Dive with a Daredevil! (Like a real, professional one.) with Jonathan Goodwin


I met today’s guest on the subway! Jonathan Goodwin was fiddling with some handcuffs and I asked him what he was doing, learned he was a professional daredevil stunt performer who’s done everything from hanging from a building with just 2 fingers to flipping cars to getting attacked by a shark – PURPOSELY – to hanging to a burning rope just by his teeth on one of my favorite shows — America’s Got Talent. I just KNEW he had to come on the show to share his perspective on mental toughness, focus and discipline! Ok, all that is true except we didn’t meet on the subway. The subway would actually be more believable than how we actually met. We ACTUALLY met on stage at The Palace Theater on Broadway in New York, in front of 1800 people, when Jonathan randomly pulled out of the audience and onto the stage to perform a stunt. And by “stunt” I mean I had to hold a flower horizontally by my teeth (which, btw is WAY harder than it might seem – you try!) and Jonathan, blindfolded, used a whip to chop that flower in half. Without chopping me in half, too. Needless to say, he and I would not be talking today if I had any scars to prove this, BUT I do have this video to prove this:

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Deep Dive Notes from This Chat:

Ok, so, Jonathan is a daredevil stunt performer. Yeah, that’s his job title.

He read a book about Harry Houdini when he was 7 and realized this was really all he wanted to do.

“Once I realized you could actually do that for a job, I never really wanted to do anything else.”

The performance part of what Jonathan does is really just like 3% of what he does.

“Before I’m gonna try something and actually risk my life, there’s a huge amount of R&D and research and preparation and training that goes into what I do before I get there.”

“If I wait until the bow fires, I’m too late, it’s already hit me.”

Funny enough, his wife is a hypnotist! (The reason I say “funny enough” is that I just spoke to Grace Smith last in last week’s episode who’s also a hypnotist!!!) LISTEN TO THAT AWESOME CHAT HERE.

Truthfully, Jonathan is afraid of heights!!! And guess what — his wife (the hypnotist) helps him overcome that! (Told ya hypnotherapy is the bomb dot com. Well actually, Grace told you that in this podcast episode.)

“If you allow yourself to sort of think about all of the different things at once, it can be very overwhelming.”

To help him overcome fear when he performs, he chunks (aka – does something called “chunking”):

“You basically break down your challenge into bit-size pieces and you just check them off…one at a time and so as you’re going through whatever it is, ‘first I gotta do this, then I gotta do that and then I’ll do this’ so you’re just concentrating on little aspects of it – one at a time – and before you know if you’ve done the last one.”

Chunking is a common technique that we naturally apply to many things (and should apply to more things to help us be more awesome at life!). Like when we memorize a phone number, we naturally chunk a phone number into the three different chunks of numbers like 860 then 965 then 6511. Not like that’s my number or anything….#callme?

“If I’m asking an audience to care about whether I live or die, then they have to sort of like me in the beginning.”

“We have no problem accepting that anxiety can have a negative effect on our body, but people don’t tend to think about how positive thoughts and focus can affect us in a positive way.”

Jonathan’s a big proponent of resistance bands! So interesting that you can actually get “ripped” with resistance bands.

BIG tips for healthy flying:

  • sleep as much as you can. (Oops. I never do this. I always consider it “work time” versus Jonathan who considers it “mental recovery time.”)
  • Drink a lot of water (that’s obvious but seriously, do it! I always get aisle seats because I need to have easy pee-access because I drink so much!!)

His favorite plants: steamed bok choy, spaghetti squash in place of real spaghetti. He considers veggies his “filler uppers” which I consider “brilliant!”

Click this picture to watch Jonathan hang – ONLY BY HIS TEETH! – 20 feet in the air (over many really sharp spikes) handcuffed. Watch the rope his teeth are biting on to be light on fire while he tries to escape before it burns and he falls into the spikes!

Watch him lay on a bed of ONE nail!!

Watch him hang from a 400 foot building with 2 fingers.

Check out Adrian Brody’s Harry Houdini mini-series (it’s awesome!!)


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