#46: Hear How Hip and Holy S*!T Hypnosis Is! with Grace Smith


Fun fact: I originally met today’s guest at Soul Camp! Remember my chat with the two Soul Camp founders back in episode 40? Small world! Funner fact: Grace Smith, today’s guest, is one of the most experienced hypnotherapists on the planet! It’s true! And it’s true that Grace is on a mission to make hypnosis mainstream. Which is the opposite of mission impossible, because Grace is VERY successfully doing just that. I really don’t need to even introduce her to you because she tells her own story perfectly, but I should prepare you for all the literal “oohs and ahhs” that come out of my mouth during this chat AND I should prepare you that after listening to this, you’ll have a level of excitement about hypnosis you never thought possible. Which won’t happen because Grace brainwashed you…but rather because I did. Just kidding.

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The so many awesome takeaways from this episode!:

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for personal development.

How hypnosis works –> when we become very deeply relaxed and we’re feeling safe we become open to suggestion. But ONLY open to suggestions that we want to absorb.

“The efficacy of hypnosis is based on how badly you want the result.”

The only predictor of success with hypnosis is how strongly they want the RESULT of what they’re being hypnotized for.

“There’s no belief system here, there’s nothing to believe it! There’s no magic although it feels like it’s magic with the results.”

Every single person on the planet can be hypnotized whether they’re super type A or not!!!

Long story short, Grace was able to quit a hard-core smoking addiction thanks to hypnosis which led her to say….

“Why is anyone doing anything they don’t wanna do if they don’t wanna do it?! What is hypnosis and why don’t people know what it is? And why don’t they know it’s so effective?”

She realized there was this “branding mishap” with hypnosis.

There is NOTHING to “believe in” with hypnosis! Belief implies you need faith…as in to believe in a religion. But hypnosis just works because…

Most people try to make changes when they’re really stressed out and the stress hormone “cortisol” is pumping through their bod.

“The body will never let you make a lasting change to your habits, beliefs or emotions when you’re in survival mode.” (ie. stressed out!) → because it’s our LEAST CREATIVE STATE. It’s just trying to survive, not be awesome.

But when our bodies are in a deeply relaxed state, they’re really susceptible and happy to make changes. Studies have been done that show that when you’re in hypnosis, you’re imagining something, but you’re experiencing it like it’s real. So your brainwaves and heart rate can actually mimic that of doing the thing you’re imagining like a sport!

“It’s like a rehearsal in your mind for the kind of person you want to be, the kind of life you want to live, except for you’re creating the same neurological connections in your brain as if you were actually already that person which is why it can happen so quickly.”


Hypnosis is VERY similar to guided meditation. The difference is that a hypnotherapist is trained to say very specific words (aka neuro linguistic programming) to work on a scientific level to help you.

You gotta check out Grace Space — Grace’s “netflix-esque” hypnosis recordings!

Some things that hypnotherapy can help with:

  • Fears!
  • Quitting smoking or other additions!
  • Feeling confident in your own skin!
  • Removing obsessions!
  • Insomnia!
  • Weight loss!
  • Anxiety!
  • Crave and eat more healthy foods!
  • Really any habit, belief or emotion you want to change!!!

“You can cultivate this beautiful life where you’re taking responsibility for who you are and what you think and say and do in every aspect of your life. And you’re not longer in the mercy of this conditioning that was programmed when you were under the age of 7.”

Bottom line, hypnotherapy is first and foremost an incredible stress-relief modality.

Here’s where you can go to try Grace Space for 10 free days <<

Here’s where you can go to book 1-1 hypnotherapy sessions! <<

Grace’s favorite plant-party restaurant: Caravan of Dreams here in NYC http://caravanofdreams.net/ (yum to the max)

Her favorite plant to eat: carrot juice!

Her most-used kitchen tool: those cutco knives (haha) https://www.cutco.com/

A book that’s really inspired her in some awesome way: The Giver by Lois Lowry http://amzn.to/2uRgEta

Visit Grace’s website | Follow her on Instagram  | Pre-order her book!! 


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