#44: Plants as Medicine….Literally. With David Johnson, the CEO of Genexa


My guest today, along with a team of smarty pantses, worked his buns off to create a healthier medicine. David Johnson, the CEO of Genexa, the world’s first USDA certified organic & Non-GMO Project Verified medicine, is on a mission to help our bodies feel better as naturally as possible. Using the proven technologies of PLANTS, my besties! and building on the century old healing system called Homeopathy, the medicine David worked to create is nothing short of groundbreaking. But it wasn’t a piece of organic gluten-free cake to build this company, and David is here to tell us the full story, as well as help us understand how the heck the adjective organic can actually be used with the noun: medicine. 


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Notes from this chat:

Research and development for Genexa took 3 years!

“The whole process of trying to make a product organic and non-GMO, removing all the synthetics and the binders is really challenging to create something that will stick together and bind. But we’ve had success and we’ve created a healthier product for the market.”

The whole idea behind Genexa was to create a healthier medicine for the customer.

“I like to think of the word medicine as an alternative. I mean, think about putting honey into hot water – that’s medicine. Medicine can mean a remedy.”

“People need to learn that some of the stuff they’re putting into their bodies can damage them.”

So Genexa is Homeopathic medicine. Which works WITH your body.

“It works on an energetic level to really treat the underlying cause of a disease.”

Conventional medicines work more on a “material level” versus homeopathic medicine which doesn’t suppress symptoms, it instead works with the body to actually heal itself and get better.

Homeopathic comes from centuries ago — it really means energetic balance.

“The body, I believe, is the greatest healer. The body has so much ability to heal itself and by nurturing it and giving it everything it needs and sort of directing it to heal, it can heal itself.”

They use a lot of ingredients we know of! Like chamomile and alfalfa (both which help with sleep) and they use the scientific name of them.

“The whole goal behind Genexa was to create a safer, healthier product in the market. Things that are in the market can be made healthier and should be made healthier. We all take medicine for the medicinal value, not for the non-medicinal value of the product.”

You know, it’s really the PLANTS in medicine (even regular meds like aspirin) that are the major healers in those pills. So why are they putting other crap in meds that are totally unnecessary?

Some thoughts:

  • Cost.
  • Taste.
  • Look.

You know, it’s really the INACTIVE ingredients – the binders – that are the more UNHEALTHY, dangerous parts of over the counter medicines.

Their top sellers:

#1: stress relief which you can take both ahead of an event that might make you anxious (like dinner with in-laws) or in the midst of anxious experience!

#2: sleepology – which won’t cause you to feel drowsy in the morning because there’s nothing like melatonin in it.

Their pain medicine is primarily arnica – which I used to rub all over my body growing up – (plus 5 other ingredients for pain). 

All their medicines are CHEWABLES so they really get into your system faster and more effectively. Homeopathy is really about getting into the system ASAP so chewing it helps with that.

Because there’s nothing BAD in Genexa there are no side effects. 🙂

The #1 for kids is their calm keeper. A lot of parents tend to think their kids need to be calmed and this is a natural way to do it. 

Their cold crush is great for helping expedite the healing process. Because again, homeopathy helps the body heal itself. 

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