#42: Make Every Day Your Skin’s Heyday! with Jeni Sykes of HeyDay Facial Shops


Today’s guest comes from one of my favorite non-food spots in NYC: Hey Day, an amazing facial shop! If you’ve never been to Hey Day here in NYC you should wash that fact away asap! They have three locations throughout Manhattan and you can book facial appointments online with them as easily as you can book blowouts at Dry Bar or spin or yoga classes wherever, so if you’re around or planning on coming into town you really should get your face there*! Until then, though, enjoy this surprisingly delightful convo with Jeni Sykes, the incredibly well-spoken (and melodic, really) co-founder and head of skincare at Hey Day and definitely get ready for some of the most tangible info that’s ever popped out of an episode!!

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Takeaways From This ‘Sode:

“As children, we’re taught how to comb our hair, brush our teeth…but who teaches you how to take care of our skin? And how to take care of your skin not as an element of vanity or beauty, but as one of your daily pieces of hygiene and caring for your body.”

“It’s your body’s largest organ, it’s attached to everything and it actually talks to you about what’s going on in your body, so learning how to take care of your skin can be really really empowering and it can be something that teaches you about yourself in a bigger way, too.”

It’s so amazing how your skin is an outer reflection of what’s going on inside your body!

First step in a facial is skin analysis — the facialist will use their eyes and even hands to determine what’s up with your skin!

Some signs you might wanna get a facial:

  • Your pores are enlarged and you’ve got some blackheads.
  • Your skin is producing lots and lots of oil that you can’t get a handle on.
  • Your skin is cranky or red.
  • You feel like your skin is a little out of balance or is doing something new that you don’t understand.
  • You’ve never really built a solid skincare routine personalized to you (like if your skin care routine is just products that you got because they were recommended from mags or given to you fo’ free or promoted by someone on Instagram).

MOISTURIZE EVERY DAMN DAY! Even if your skin is “oily.”

Myth busted → that the SPF # = the amount of minutes you’re protected from the sun. *BULLSHIT*

HOW TO CHOOSE A SUNSCREEN (and why): Get a “broad spectrum” sunscreen. Which protects from both UVB and UVA rays.

UVB rays = BURNING rays:
UVA rays = AGEING rays: they’re out on cloudy days, they move through your windows, your car windshield, etc! They reach deep down into your skin and they do DNA, cellular damage. (Like skin cancer kind of damage.) They also just make you look aged, wrinkled and all that unwanted stuff.

Good news is there’s a ton of different SPF products out there – sprays (mists), moisturizers, make up, etc. And I asked what we were all thinking and the answer is: no, the SPF does not need to be on the outermost layers of our skin. We can put on an SPF moisturizer and then put make up on top and our work is still safe 🙂

In the summer, we often experience more oily, blackheady skin than normal, right? Which actually means…wait for it…you’re DEHYDRATED! (Counter-intuitive…I know.)

In order for skin to be happy, it needs two types of moisture: 1.) oil moisture and 2.) water moisture.

Our skin naturally makes oil but our skin doesn’t make water. We need to replenish that through our diet and our dranks (of water).

So when our skin becomes depleted of water moisture, it actually goes into overdrive trying to protect itself by making more of the only moisture it knows how to make: OIL!

“Your skin is very smart and your skin actually wants to take care of itself and take care of you.”

So, to fix this:

  • Chug tons of water!!!
  • Moisturize even throughout the summer! (With serums, mists and just regular lightweight moisturizer.)
  • Don’t over cleanse your skin! (Because it’ll encourage your skin to produce more oil to try to heal itself from the over cleansing.)

^ if you make funny faces after cleansing and your face feels tight or itchy, you’ve over-cleansed.

When you’re exfoliating with a polish, please just pretend you’re rubbing a blown up balloon. Do it LIGHTLY!!!! In small circles. That’s how you get the most out of polish – it doesn’t work better when you press harder.

Here’s something awesome to learn: your skin can actually be burned without you knowing it! Bottom line → wear your SPF. And re-apply every couple of hours and after you go in the water.

For burns – old school aloe, baby, but not the bright green or bright blue crappy aloe. Soothing, hydrating lotions or creams without any acids, a lot of active ingredients. Awesome ingredients are: chamomile, calendula, blue things (like blue tansy or blue yarrow).

“It’s not an area of trendiness to use plants and herbs in products, if anything it’s going very very old school to not forget about and to be able to reach back to the things that are incredibly effective that we can find in nature that interact with our skin in potent, valuable ways.”

“It’s not just about beauty, it’s not just a surface level thing. Recognize that your skin, as an organ, interacts with the whole body and one of its jobs as an organ is to absorb. And so, whatever you put onto your skin absorbs into your body. And some of those things it absorbs move through your bloodstream and gets processed through all sorts of systems.”

How to read a product label:

  • Look at the first 3 ingredients (just like food) those ingredients make up the bulk of the product.
  • Artificial dyes, sulfates, fragrances, fillers fatten up a product but don’t necessarily do anything for your skin. At best, they’re neutral, but most of them can upset your skin.

“Learning to read product labels, I’d say, is as necessary as learning to read your food labels. like if you want to take control over your nutrition, at some point in time you have to learn how to read a food label. If you want to take control over your self care in this way, you do have to start learning how to read product labels.”

“Just because you don’t recognize a word, or a word looks very sciency, doesn’t mean by any means that you should be afraid of it. Often times plants and fruits are listed by scientific name.”/

How often is ideal for peeps to get facials? About once a month.

Yes! Guys can get facials too.

Clean your phone! Wipe that shit down. Or use headsets so you don’t have to press your phone to your face. (Also change your pillowcases a lot.)

You can wash your face in the shower if you make it the last thing you do!

Jeni’s non-negotiable skin care rituals: never going to bed with a dirty face and wearing SPF!


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