#41: How to Simply Eat Real Food…IRL! with Sarah Adler


Sarah Adler really makes healthy eating seem really simple. Which is really good. Because her business is called “Simply Real Health.” Sarah Adler is a real food lover to the core. And she’s really passionate about helping others love and eat real food with ease. She’s a rockstar nutrition coach, author of a beautiful cookbook (which I really did end up buying after this interview!) and just a really lovely, inspiring REAL human being. I’m really happy I got to sit down with a person whose every Instagram post makes me smile (and crave something plant-y) (and kind of want to up and move to Seattle.) I’m also really proud of myself for achieving my goal of using a form of the word “real” in every sentence of this introduction.

Also, a major thank you to Sunwarrior for sponsoring this episode! If you don’t already know, I’m a die-hard fanatic of Sunwarrior’s plant-protein powder (their ‘vanilla classic’ is my favorite and what I use to make my daily protein waffles!). To hear about how adding Sunwarrior protein into my diet has radically changed my health and physique, read this! <<

Sarah started her biz b/c she realized that so many people were confused about what healthy eating actually means. And she saw that people felt, essentially like healthy and happy had to be mutually exclusive (my words) her’s are:

“Being able to eat and drink things that help you participate in life and are not things that you’re like ‘oh shoot, I need to pause my diet so I can go to dinner.’”

“I get so fired up helping people see that they don’t have to be so extreme in either way – that they can live in the land of grey instead of black and white with so many rules.”

Actually talking about what life in the grey zones looks like and the balance of those two things: celebrating and enjoying life and all its pleasure and all the amazing things that food revolves around…balanced with like ‘well, not every day is like this crazy party celebration’ so what does that actually look like all the other times of day when you’re not out with friends or on a trip.”

The components of a healthy lifestyle in Sarah’s opinion — knowing yourself really well. Instead of listening to so many external factors, start to actually tune in and pay attention to how MY (well, YOUR) body actually feels best. And this can include factors like: personality, movement, emotions, stress, how you talk to yourself

“Guess what? You do have a relationship to food and if that piece is not solid or you’re still trying to figure it out, going on a pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is going to take you so much longer.”

“Knowing yourself really well is the key behind a true lifestyle change that is going to be lasting.”

I love Sarah’s Italian awakening! (Kind of like my Thailand one.)

They don’t have processed food in Italy — just REAL food. And they don’t panic about food but still look great. This was revolutionary to Sarah.

“Ok I’m going to change my philosophy to food to just real food. And that changed my relationship to food.”


–> The ability to be fully present and not guilty. Not fixated on what you SHOULD be doing. Not feeling bad because you’re breaking the “rules.” It’s more of a conscious choice that you’re choosing to have an enjoy things based on the fact that you love those things and they bring so much joy and enjoyment to your life.

That can’t be with EVERYTHING … because then you wouldn’t feel good. I mean you can’t have ice cream every single day. If that’s what you think then that’s a habit, that’s not intuitive eating.

It’s about enjoying things you love with your whole heart like ice cream, but not eating it every night while watching Housewives….enjoying it “when the time is right” → ie. in situations and times when you’re actually experiencing it fully instead of it being a crutch covering up other emotions.

Some easy questions to ask yourself before indulging (or “intuitive eating”):

1- How does my body do with this certain food?

2- What’s my emotional state when eating it?

3- Is this at a time and place and situation that’s joyful, or not?

On food guilt….

“Really, for whatever you want to have, there’s a way to do it in a real food version.”

Ok, so what is REAL FOOD?

“Real food is just the most unprocessed version of the food.”

The food that you’d eat on the set of Little House on the Prairie! HAHAHAH! I love that!

The 12 categories of REAL FOOD:

  1. Fruit
  2. veggies
  3. Nuts and seeds
  4. Beans and legumes
  5. Eggs
  6. Dairy
  7. Poultry
  8. Meat
  9. Seafood
  10. Grains
  11. Good healthy fats
  12. Naturally occurring sweeteners


Step 2 → Identifying how each category of real food feels to your unique bod.

What is NOT Real Food?

  • Ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  • Super long, complicated lists of ingredients.

“I teach all of my clients to basically cover up the nutrition facts because I don’t think it matters…but to always look at the ingredients because that’s the one thing that will always tell you if it’s actually real food or if it’s just being marketed to you as real food.”

There’s just as much to unlearn about food as there is to LEARN. Things that Sarah often UNteaches people…

“I think most of us walk around with these little voices in our head that pop up out of nowhere. Like if you’re at the grocery store and you’re like walking around the cereal aisle and all of a sudden you get a little ping of a voice like ‘high fiber!’ ‘oh gluten free!’ oh I hear that somewhere!’


Throwing a great dinner party! Tip! Sarah’s a pro:

Keep it as simple as possible. That’s really what people want. Simple, good, comfort food that’s not complicated. 🙂

Her go-to thing is to pick one thing that’s a make-ahead thing like a 1-pot thing or a crock pot thing. And then she makes a toppings bar!! (SO FUN!)

Her yerba mate lattes are cool! (or hot, haha)

She brews 1-2 tsp of loose leaf yerba mate in a french press and then has it for the week and then turns it into a latte with almond milk, yo!

Sarah’s fav plant-party restaurants in Seattle: Terra Plata and London Plane 

Sarah’s fav plant to eat: kale (because she can do like 19 different things with it!). Like…..

  • In a smoothie
  • Saute it and add it to anything, like meatballs, a stir fry
  • Have it cold massaged into a salad
  • Make it into a pesto
  • Juiced
  • **** But this is my favorite….

–> When her kale’s going bad or she’s going away for the weekend and still has kale, she blends kale, garlic and olive oil into a sauce and then she freezes it in silicone ice cube trays and freezes it so she can have a quick sauce to put on quinoa or something!

Her most used kitchen tool: her Vitamix.

A book that’s really inspired her: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Also anything by Gabby Bernstein (my fav too).

And anything by Shauna Niequist

Podcasts she loves (besides the Party in My Plants Podcast, duh!):

  • The Model Health Show
  • Bulletproof Radio
  • The Goal Digger Podcast




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