#33: The Ultimate NYC Plant-Party Restaurant Guide! with Ilene Moreno


Ilene Moreno of the The Colorful Kitchen is my best foodie friend. Between the two of us, I’d say we’ve covered 96% of the plant-party restaurants in New York City and together, we’ve been to probably 40%. We actually met solely because of our plant-party restaurant going! So we figured why not sit down and take you on a tour of our favorite New York City plant-party restaurants, as well as share our top tips for eating healthfully at non-plant party restaurants.

As a bonus for this episode, I made you my Ultimate Plant-Party Restaurant NYC Guide, which I’m now considering required reading if you live near NYC or are planning a trip here someday soon.

Get the 8-page ‘so-helpful-I-should-charge-for-it-but-I-won’t’ map to NYC plant-party restaurants here:

Ilene and I coincidently share a birthday! April 27, baby. And on our birthday this year Ilene did something cool – she revealed the cover of her upcoming cookbook!!!!!!

Ain’t it a beaut?! Her colorful plant-based cookbook is available for pre-order if you wanna ensure a plant-party appears in your mailbox in December!

Just sayin…these are some recipes from it:

(I know. Could plants possibly look prettier?! I feel like her book should come with a warning. Warning: will cause intense plant-cravings…)


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