#31: How and Why to Get ROOTED in Plants! with Sarah Britton


I don’t think there’s a person sweeter, sillier, smarter, and more passionate about the power of plants than Sarah Britton. If you don’t recognize the name Sarah Britton, perhaps saying MY NEW ROOTS will do the trick? Which is the blog name she’s been running for over 10 years and has used to inspire and change lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world?

Yep! What started as a way for Sarah to simply share all this exciting life-changing healthy stuff she was learning with someone other than her uninterested ex boyfriend, has morphed into a full blown plant-eating movement, complete with an app, two books, retreats and a print shop. I thought we’d just be talking about plants, the subjects in Sarah’s drool-worthy photos, but this conversation led us to a truly holistic chat about health from the ground to the plate to the mouth to the mind! And speaking of mind, prepare for yours to be blown.

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Here are the super notes from this super episode:

I found the farm that completely changed Sarah’s life and awakened her to how connected we are to the earth. (Aka, the place where she washed her hair with tofu water…)

Pre-the farm^, Sarah was a junk-food vegetarian and was totally addicted to candy. ACTUAL candy! Like sour patch kids. (Which I definitely had a love affair with as a youth, too.)

“I just didn’t really understand just how much food could impact us and how different we could feel when we were eating properly.”

“Why aren’t we taught how our bodies work?!”

My New Roots was essentially started because Sarah so passionately believes that…

“We all have the right to know how we work.”

Preach, sister! Thanks!

How does it feel to know that hundreds of thousands of people are enjoying her recipes in their kitchens?

Surreal. She says:

“I never started this with the intention other than like I want people to know how to look after themselves and how to do that with food…”

It also means that hundreds of thousands of people out there are waking up to the incredibly possibilities in their lives through this way of eating.

“Cooking connects you to everything.”

“The reason my health changed so dramatically is because suddenly I got into the kitchen again.”


Yes! Yesss!! Yesssss!!!

She and I both believe that so many people don’t even know how much better they COULD FEEL! I mean, they’re walking around with their energy levels so-so, not knowing that with some tweaks, they could have energy out the wazoo!

Healthy eating is a really really hard sell for people until you start to feel better from it. It’s REALLY hard to convince people how good they can feel until they feel it!

(And it’s totally true that it’s harder to convince someone to change their diet than it is for them to change their religion..)

“You’ll never look back and say ‘ahhhh I wish I’d eaten more donuts’.”

Sarah says:

“I didn’t have like a devastating illness that brought me to this – it was actually by accident that this whole thing began but what I didn’t realize was how bad I felt before.”

Shockingly, Sarah used to be a really negative person (pre-plants!), but the plants changed her attitude and outlook on life. It might sound crazy, but it’s crazy TRUE. As she says:

“What are our brains made up of? FOOD! Our cells are made of everything we put into our mouth. That’s it. So of COURSE you’re going to THINK differently if you’re EATING differently!”


^LOL, don’t you love Sarah?

Regarding Sarah’s food-pornography…she takes great pride in it! Yeah, the cliche “we eat with our eyes” is true. She also thinks it’s self love! (Which I think is a lovely idea.) She says her meals are a gift to her and that she likes to wrap it up with the prettiest bow she has (ie. a drizzle of olive oil or a sprinkle of sprouts).

Sarah’s pre-eating gratitude practice:

The goal = shift her energy from busy email time or whatever to “yay I’m eating a nice meal and I’m so grateful” energy so she’ll just sit in front of her beautiful food (obviously beautiful because she made it!) for 30 seconds or a minute until she can get into a place of peace and gratitude.

^ She credits this gratitude practice for “deeply transforming her life in every aspect of her existence.”

(Woah, ^ that’s deep.)

“I think gratitude, if you can be in that energetic space more often…it’s impossible that your life will not change. Because you will see the beauty in so many moments of your day, and when you lay down at night, the feelings of immense luckiness and gratitude are overwhelming. It’s really transformative and it makes you present and it makes your life feel so full.”

This pre-eating gratitude can actually also help you digest! It brings awareness back into your body so it can do it’s thang! (Which is digest…your…food.) It also gets you out of that stress mode which greatly hinders digestion.

“We’re like magnets: whatever we vibrate, we attract.”

“I have to credit visualization and desire as the things that brought so much success to me. I’m not lucky, I created every single thing that I have.”


Not to go too woowoo, but whatever…turns out that eating plants can actually help you manifest shiz. Sarah says:

“Plants have a higher vibrational frequency than animal products. That’s just the way it is.” So when we eat plants, we shift ourselves energetically so quickly and so profoundly when we eat plants.

On growing food…

When you understand the energy that’s gone into producing A GRAIN of quinoa, you will never look at quinoa the same again.

The water, the sun, the human energy…Sarah says it’s all so beautiful that to waste even one, it’s a crime. Oops. I’ve committed a lot of crimes. If quinoa sticks to the strainer when I’m rinsing it, bye bye….

Think you’re not good at cooking? It takes practice!! It’s a journey! You just have to keep doing it!

Where to start? By cooking whole grains. Brown rice or quinoa or buckwheat or millet instead of white rice or white pasta. Then try chickpeas (not canned, dried from scratch). These are what Sarah calls “building blocks.” And the building blocks are what help you be able to whip stuff up at home and pass on the take out.


Like I did with her pineapple print! <3 <3 <3

She started Gourmet Print Shop because she’s, quite frankly, just IN LOVE with plants. She actually said this:

“Cutting open a head of cabbage is like church for me.”


She also has 2 books!

Book #2: Naturally Nourished

  • It’s all about using cheap, grocery store staples in easy but creative ways!
  • It features a lot of “three ways” – a base recipe with three ways of doing it.

Book #1: My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season

Here’s Sarah’s “Life Changing Loaf of Bread” recipe!!!

And here’s the pic/proof of it on the menu of that tiny cafe on Nantucket back in 2014: 

(She recommends starting with her life-changing crackers first, though, which she makes more frequently than the bread.)

Also check out her raw cashew dream cake

And her raw brownie.

Sarah’s favorite plant-party restaurants: Camros in Toronto, Manfreds in Denmark and Hafnia in Denmark.

Sarah’s favorite plant: Strawberry (at the time of our recording).

If you, like me, have never had a religious experience with strawberries, you and me both gotta get our butts to a “You Pick” strawberry patch this summer!

Sarah’s most used kitchen tool: her knife (what a true chef) and an ugly retro food processor (that she found in the trash!!!)

“Raping the earth.”

^ How is Sarah as funny as she is inspiring?

Books that have inspired Sarah: ANY book by Michael Pollan

Curious about this Esther Hicks thing that Sarah kept talking about? Ask and It Is Given is the book I’ve been reading by her and Sarah suggests starting with this 30 minute recording on YouTube.

Sarah’s Website! | Her gorgeous Instagram | Her Facebook | Her Gourmet Print Shop | The women’s retreats she leads

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