#27: How to Run Like KALE! with Angela Smith


If anyone knows about running, it’s today’s guest: Angela Smith of runlikekale.com. She also knows about plants. And puns. Fueling herself primarily with minimally processed fruits and veggies, Angela has an ironman, a 52-mile-ultra marathon, three 50k races, many marathons and countless other races under her belt. She also has a baby on her hip!

(After recording this conversation, I’m proud and terrified to say that I signed up for my first ever half marathon. YOLO!)

Also, a major thank you to Sunwarrior for sponsoring this episode! If you don’t already know, I’m a die-hard fanatic of Sunwarrior’s plant-protein powder (their ‘vanilla classic’ is my favorite and what I use to make my daily protein waffles!). To hear about how adding Sunwarrior protein into my diet has radically changed my health and physique, read this! <<

Notes from da convo:

When it comes down to endurance, Angela believes it’s totally mind over matter.

It was when she started doing it for herself that Angela really loved to love running.

Angela’s argument for why races rock*: they’re so fun, you’re with like-minded people who are all there doing something that you’re all in love with.

*what inspired me to sign up for my first half marathon June 4, 2017!

Long distance race training: the objective is that you need to be diligent about getting those long runs in every week.

{BTW: Angela finished a marathon 5 months after giving birth. Yeah. Yeah.}

Looking for a half marathon training plan? Here’s Angela’s awesome 13-week to a half marathon training guide.

(And there are tons of others on good ol’ google and pinterest!)

“I had to meet my body where it was at then, instead of holding on to where it used to be.”

^ Angela’s best advice to new runnings: MEET YOUR BODY WHERE IT’S AT!

This means…if you can only run 1 minute the first day, do that. The next day, just try 1:15. It can be frustrating but it’s so worth it to look back when you’re able to run 2 miles and then look back at when you could only run for a minute!!

Angela and I both agree that running is more mental than physical. (FYI)

The benefits of running (in our opinion):

  • IT MAKES YOU FEEL DAMN GOOD!!!! and happy! and unstoppable!
  • plus it can tone your legs and tummy
  • and maybe eat a few extra black bean brownies
  • mental clarity

I love how Angela sets 1-pretty unbelievable goal for each year, right?! Like when she set the goal of going vegan for a year!!!

(PS. Here’s the 30-day vegan trial that Angela spoke about.)

Amazing how plants helped Angela not feel sore after her intense ironman training sessions! They helped her body recover quicker and replenish itself.

“If plants can fuel me through an ironman they can feel me (and all of us) through anything.”

What doing plants “the smart way” means to Angela:

  1. EATING! A LOT! (But plants!)
  2. eating REAL food! (not packaged crap)

Angela says nutrition is 80% of the battle when it comes to training for a race! Angela saw people who trained double the length of time she did for the ironman but didn’t even FINISH the race because they lived off of pizza bites.

Angela’s a big fan of the NUUN hydration tablets (I am too!!) which are low in sugar but high in electrolytes to help your body keep going!

Angela’s go-to pre-workouts:

  • a bowl of oats with hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and berries
  • ezekiel bread toast with avocado and some lemon
  • or a green smoothie!

Her go-to post-workout:

  • right away … a smoothie! With coconut water (for hydration), a bunch of berries, cherries (great anti-inflammatory), bananas, something green, plant-protein powder (she uses Vega but you now PARTYINMYPLANTS’ heart is with SUNWARRIOR 4 lyfe <3)
  • then later, when she’s ravenous … a quinoa veggie bowl!


(here’s her blog post explaining it, too.)

“The beginning of running, nobody enjoys! But once you push through that, it becomes a beautiful space for yourself and your thoughts <3”

When Angela doesn’t feel motivated to run for a period of time, she just signs up for a race so she can put something concrete on the calendar so she has something she’s literally running towards.

She challenges us to sign up for one… and I did!!!!

Angela’s favorite plant-party restaurant: The Spiral Diner and V-Eats in Dallas Texas

Her favorite plants to eat: kale – in smoothies, as kale chips, sautéed, plus peaches in summer and sweet potato in winter – roasted or….


Bake the sweet potato, chop up zucchini, onion, carrots and sauce in a pan, then take a can of full-fat coconut milk, add turmeric, curry, red pepper and a can of chickpeas and a kale, mix it together and pour that over the sweet potato!!

Her most used kitchen tool: Her blender (Vitamix)

A book that’s inspired her in some awesome away: anything by Brene Brown and a great healthy baby book called Beautiful Babies.

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