#26: Do NOT Call Your Kitchen Healthy Without These Tools!


I totally understand that it might not be your instinct to buy a ton of kitchen gadgets. You might be reluctant to trade your time for money and then trade that money for some unnecessary kitchen tools. Especially after you got that completely unnecessary banana peeler. I get it. But I also get how daunting it can feel to be like “let me just whip up a healthy dinner” and then look at your bare hands and a potato, wondering what to do next.

So in this episode, I share the top kitchen tools that, in my plant-party experience, are MUST HAVE’s if YOU want to have healthy meals easily coming out of your kitchen and into your mouth. Ie. the things to keep in your kitchen that’ll make healthy eating a lot less hell-ish.

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So here are the notes from the episode/the tools you need in your healthy kitchen:

#1: A blender.

#2: A food processor.

  • A better name for a food processor would be ‘a food CRUSHER + COMBINER,’ because it’s really the boss as CRUSHING & COMBINING your food. That’s why it’s used to make pestos, snack balls, granolas, salsas, hummi (multiple types of hummus!), nut butter, batters for things like black bean brownies and chickpea blondies, smoothie bowls and banana ice cream.
  • You can make do with just a mini food processor which takes less up less space in your kitchen and requires less funds from your bank account. If your whole recipe can’t fit into your mini, you can always just mix the ingredients into a bowl and then split the processing into two or 3 rounds. Or you can just get a large food processor.

#3: A citrus juicer.

  • This is my fav tool for juicing lemons!
  • Then you add this fresh, alkalizing, cleansing, immune-boosting, health-saving, superfood-like lemon juice to recipes galore like drinks, sauces, dressings, baked goods…or just right into water which has 11 and a 1/2 amazing health benefits.

#4: 2 knives.

  • You don’t need Top Chef knife skills, but you do need a top chef’s knife! Like this one. Or this kind.
  • You also need a little paring knife! No biggie (literally) but you’ll use it all the time.

#5: A steamer basket.

  • It might be a little “grandma” but a steamer basket couldn’t be more amazing! Like Spanx!
  • It’s great for quickly making broccoli, cauliflower, squashes and greens edible without tending to the stove. It’s ALSO fab for softening plants that you then puree into a soup or a sauce, like I do with butternut squash for my mac and cheese sauce!!

#6: A shaker cup.

  • WHAT IS A SHAKER CUP?a portable drinking device that, because of the metal ball that lives inside it, can combine powders with liquids using a shaking motion…
    a brilliant replacement for a blender in a pinch (like a substitute teacher: not as effective as the REAL thing, but gets the job done)…
    the most underrated, overly-awesome healthy eating tool you can add to your kitchen for about the cost of a dairy-free, vegetarian chipotle burrito bowl…
    my security blanket…

BONUS #1 – A spiralizer.

  • The spiralizer was born to help create those whacky garnishes that are typically seen on Asian dishes in restaurants. I guess somewhere along the way, someone decided that in bulk, these veggie noodles were cool enough to replace a bowl of pasta, and so the ZOODLE was born.
  • I have a whole video tutorial on how to make them zoodles here!

BONUS #2 – A waffle iron.

  • After making protein pancakes every morning for a year, I soon realized waffles were so much quicker, easier and mindlesslier than making pancakes. (No waiting, peeking, flipping, yada yada like pancakes, just open, pour batter, wait till green light says GO EAT!) So I really only make waffles now using this base recipe.
  • (Also, waffles look SUPER impressive if you’re trying to impress a special brunch guest, or your own Instragram feed… if you’re into that kind of thing…)
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