#25: The 5 Most Basic Healthy Habits! with Elanna Edwards

[ Warning: we say “basic” a lot in this episode. But that’s because we really wanted to hammer home that good health can really come from the basics. Basically. 😉 ]


Do you eat any “non-food food?” Or what I also call CRAP: chemical, refined, artificial, processed foods. Phasing non-food food out is a great starting place to healthier eating and better feeling!

Start where you are, take one step at a time; no need to go from zero to goji berries!!

These 5 basics for great health, by the way, aren’t just for the training-wheel riders of healthy eating. {Meaning: they’re not just for beginners, even though they’re “basic.”} Often when I’m feeling less than great, or any of Elanna’s long-term-healthy-eater clients aren’t either, being reminded of these basics (and then doing them!) can bring great health back.

#1 Basic Healthy Must-Do Thing: EAT MORE GREENS!

(The most missing item in our diet. And an item that helps bring our bodies back to an alkaline state since it’s usually in a toxic state due to all the stress, processed foods, sugar, alcohol and pollution we experience daily. And guess what – toxic states are where disease and a lousy life grows!)

It helps to have “a hidden agenda” to sneak leafy greens into your body 😉

Like, if you’re heating up a can of soup on the stove, toss a handful of veggies in there and you’ll never know. If you’re sautéing anything, add in some greens. If you’re making any smoothie, blend in some greens, too!  

Elanna’s “Basic” Green Smoothie Recipe:

  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • Handful of spinach
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
The convenient, cheap, portable blender we both love and use <<
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These recipes also help you sneak in leafy greens:

My Favorite Daily Green Smoothie

My “sneak greens in” Pesto 

Kale Chips! 3 Ways! 

Vegan Penne ALLmost Vodka with hidden greens 

#2 Basic Healthy Must-Do Thing: DRINK MORE WAWA! (Hold the eye roll, please.)

Try to drink at least half your body weight in ounces each day!

Keep a jar of water with you all throughout the day.

Try the wrist-switching-rubber-band method we mention.

Buy a water bottle that you LOVE (I love my Kleen Kanteen!) and calculate how many times you need to drink the full thing to achieve your water goal. Then do it.

#3 Basic Healthy Must-Do Thing: Less/No Sugar!

Start by cutting out the white sugar. No more, never again will white sugar enter into your body!!!!!!

BUT, you can transition into “gentler” sweeteners (aka healthier ones).

You know, like:

And my fav:

But hold up: you know you could be a “healthy sugar junkie.” Eating a boat load of even HEALTHY SUGARS can screw with your hormones, mood, weight, immunity and more.

Here’s a thought if you’re considering going sugar-free: try cutting out “concentrated sugars that affect your blood sugar levels.” So no need to banish the apples since they have fiber that slows down the rate that the sugar in the apple hits and affects your bloodstream.

But, just being more conscious about your sugar intake could be enough to make a big diff!!

It’s a good idea to check labels for it because sugar’s in EVERYTHING. And if you’re gonna eat it, you better damn appreciate it! Not just eat it without knowing that it’s in your tomato sauce!

#4 Basic Healthy Must-Do Thing: Eat Less Processed Food

CUT THE CRAP! If you want a reminder of what my definition of processed food is, listen to this episode where I discuss eating plants vs. eating CRAP.

But basically use the old bumper sticker saying: “Don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce, except quinoa!”

#5 Basic Healthy Must-Do Thing: SLEEP!

Getting vitamin zzz’s isn’t a food, but IS something that can really upgrade your health!

Not getting enough sleep is going to push your body to crave more calories for fuel, particularly in the form of sugar. Which ain’t good for your health, hormones or waistline.

Some ways to improve your sleep?

  • Use lavender essential oil. (Remember this great podcast episode about essential oils?!)
  • Put your phone into airplane mode before bed so it’s not buzzing throughout the night.
  • Switch your iPhone into that neat dim light setting.
  • Give yourself a bedtime! A general goal time that you’re in bed each night. Your body loves sleep consistency 🙂 And doing it shows your body some love.


HER FAV DISH THERE: Chickpea fries (that apparently come out in a “jenga structure,” haha)


HER FAV WAY TO EAT IT: As apple nachos!

  • Wash your apple
  • Slice them into little “chips”
  • Choose your toppings, like an almond butter drizzle, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a sprinkle of coconut shavings like this.


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