#23: I Got Dumped For a Burger! Here’s What I Learned.


In episode 0 of this podcast I promised to tell you about that time I got dumped for a burger. Well, I figured a week-ish after Valentine’s Day was that perfect time!

In this episode you’ll hear the entirely true story of food policing gone way wrong, and through my ridiculous account, you’ll learn exactly what to do and exactly what not to do to encourage your favorite peeps to eat healthier without being a Judgy Mc.Judgerson! Because the last thing we all want is for tofu to come between true love, right?

The 7 things that I highly recommend you do and don’t do to dietarily support your loved ones:

1 – DO try your best to understand where they’re coming from. (or “from where they’re coming” if you’re into proper grammar)

Rather than jump to bold conclusions like they’re lazy, weak, undisciplined or just don’t give a rats ass about their health, happiness and abs, have an open, honest, NON JUDGEY DISCUSSION with them about why they want and do the things they do! You’ll understand them better, judge them less, and maybe get a few of your own bad habits off your chest, too.

2 – DON’T EVER talk to your loved one about food WHILE THEY ARE EATING THE FOOD.

Criticizing, or “informing” your peeps on the not-so-fun facts about their french fries will cause them nothing but anger with a side of guilt and a dollop of resentment.

If I do want to maybe mention some unwanted consequence of eating a certain food that’s on my loved ones plate, I choose to talk to them about healthier options BEFORE the big dinner, when their stomach isn’t fueling their emotions, orrrr after eating, when they complain to me about how they might not be feeling so great. cough*TOLD YA SO*cough


If you’re going to LOVINGLY and at the right time (ahem NOT WHILE THEY’RE EATING) explain to someone that they should or shouldn’t eat/do something, you’ve got to have a good reason or two to back that shiz up. With facts. And studies. And quotes. And statistics! Real ones, not Donald Trump ones.

4 – DO Cut them some [loving] slack.

You know that saying, “If you love someone set them free, if they come back, they were meant to be?” Yeah, well same applies here, with food. Set them free why dontchya babeeee…!

Let them indulge on poker night with the guys or splurge with their girlfriends during the bachelorette weekend, guilt-free!! Letting your partner’s fork fly free every now again means they’ll appreciate your kale and coconut water that much more when they return home feeling not-so-great (and probably oh-so-hungover).

Oh and when they do return oh-so-hungover or oh-so-unhappy with the choices they made, please offer them some loving support. Please DON’T take that time to go all “I TOLD YOU SO” on their still-reeking-like-pepperoni-pizza-ass. No one likes an “I TOLD YOU SO” er, and cmon, it’s not like you never indulge to the point of regret! So cut them some slack the same way you’d want slack to be cut for you!


If you want to convince your partner that a morning lemon water beats a sugary, milk-filled coffee? Then you gotta show off your lemon water buzz and glowy skin! They’ll want to get in on that.

The common saying isn’t “lead by lecturing,” the saying is “lead by example” lead by DOING… lead by eating your plants and never needing to complain about acid reflux!

By walking your talk, you’ll inspire by example, not by nagging. I’ve honestly never seen this NOT work. Even if it takes 10 years.


If you’re making your famous quinoa pesto dinner, why not make a little extra, just in case? Or if you’re whipping up some banana ice cream, maybe prepare your partner a bowl too, just because you “mistakenly made too much.”

One of the biggest fears people have it is that healthy foods equals weird or bad-tasting food. SO MYTH-BUST DAT! Bring these black bean brownies to a party, leave them on the table with all the desserts, don’t label them HEALTHY or BLACK BEAN or anything and watch how people eat them, love them, finish them. Then, as you’re leaving, yell to all “YOU JUST LOVED HEALTHY, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, REFINED SUGAR FREE BLACK BEAN BROWNIES SUCKAAAAS!!!” then drop the mic and strut out.

Subtly dissolve the fear of healthy food sucking by nonchalantly serving skeptics bites, handfuls, or sips of your delicious healthy foods WITH NO PRESSURE, just with an “I had extra, might as well” kinda ‘tude and soon you’ll be hearing, “Honey, do you have any more of that green stuff in the fridge?” to which you’ll smile and whip up another batch of delicious green stuff, even if it’s in the wee hours of the morning.


Unless their diet is truly a deal-breaker for you, treating your sometime unkindly for what they eat will be.

Always remember to treat them with unconditional love. The same love you’d like to be treated with for your not-so-healthy habit. (We all have at least one!)

Speak to them kindly. Remember, the reason you care so much about their overall health is because you love them so much! Seriously!!! So, talk to them with love. They’re so much more likely to listen if they feel your genuine care rather than your genuine judgement 🙂


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  1. I tried to listen to episode #23 but the file was not there. I am very interested in listening to your story. You are very hilarious and you make me smile.

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks so much for your flattering comment 🙂 I’m so sorry the file wasn’t working. I just uploaded it again — is it working now?? I hope so!