#22: Dear Diary, Are You Really Worth Writing In?! with Katie Dalebout


Today’s guest is a master at journaling. Sure you might’ve journaled in high school and quit after one day of “Dear Diary…see you tomorrow!”, but my friend and fellow podcast host Katie Dalebout is bringing journaling back! Katie recently came out with her first book, Let it Out: A Journey Through Journaling, where she published 55 journaling exercises covering everything from clearing clutter (yes please!) to feeling more grounded to cultivating abundance to moving beyond fear (eff fear, yo)! And in this episode she spills the beans about how journaling has led her to mega happiness, self-acceptance and ultimately, authentic success.

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Notes From This Episode:

–> Truth: we have 60,000 thoughts a day! Most of them are repeated thoughts from yesterday and/or thoughts we’ll recycle tomorrow. Better get those thoughts on lockdown. Ie. identify what our 60,000 daily thoughts are and what they really mean and how we can make the more positive if they’re negative.

Thoughts → become beliefs. Beliefs → reality.

THUS: change yo’ thoughts → change yo’ reality!

“Journaling puts that mirror up in your face about who you really are at your core.” – Katie Dalebout

Putting your thoughts down on paper (and admitting them, even to yourself) is the 1st step to making a change.

Here’s the difference between writing in a diary vs. writing in a journal:

  • writing in a diary is writing about what happened.
  • writing in journal is writing about how you feel about what happened.

Katie’s favorite journal prompt from her book is her HappyThankYouMorePlease tool – which basically encourages you to document the good things that happen in your day right in your phone (because let’s be real – when are you ever without your phone?!) and cycle back to that list of good stuff to feel that gratitude about those things.

Because the key to happiness = gratitude. Say “thank you” for what happens and then say “more please!” This signals to the universe that you want more of that in your life.

Listen: if you want more of anything, you gotta be thankful for what you already have. You can’t just be needy and want more more more without saying thankful for what you have have have. That’s just science, and logic and the universe 🙂

My 5 favorite journaling exercises from Katie’s book:

  1. The Joy Jar – basically pop in a piece of paper in a jar (could be an empty nut butter jar!) with something good that happened written on it. Then, on a special day, go through all those pieces of paper and appreciate the heck outa all the good stuff that happened!
  2. The Self Care Weekly Outlook – essentially, this tool encourages you to look at your next week’s schedule and identify the stuff you have to do that kinda sucks. For each thing that you have to do that kinda sucks or feels like a burden, schedule in 1 awesome self-care-y thing that you’ll do (no if and’s or buts!). The goal is to schedule 1 awesome thing to your calendar for each sucky thing! (Awesome things include: a baths, a massage, a sweet treat that you don’t enjoy that often, a date night, a mug of tea enjoyed with a face mask and bathroom, etc.)
  3. The Way out of Compare and Despair – a writing exercise that encourages you to admit to yourself who you compare yourself to and identify WHY! Then you can take some action to improve those traits you’re seeing in someone else that you want more of yourself 🙂
  4. The Ideal Experience Play by Play – before you go to an event, write down how you would ideally visualize it going. Write out how it’ll feel, what you’ll ideally do, etc. And then release your need for that to play out 100% as per your script because it might play out even BETTER than you wrote out.
  5. The Feelings Action List – this is about choosing a feeling and using that to guide your choices! Example: choosing to feel “calm” could lead you to you making a list of:
    Drink camomile tea
    Take a hot shower with music playing
    Diffuse some lavender (remember my awesome episode about essential oils?!?!)
    Take an actual lunch break – don’t just eat at your desk today
    Go for a scenic walk instead of taking a bootcamp class
    Make creamy vegan mac and cheese
    Or creamy vegan pumpkin soup

Wanna start your journaling practice? It might be uncomfortable! (Even if you’re in your favorite sweats!) Katie’s best advice: carve out some time for it and don’t make it a big deal (it’s not a first date you know!).


HER FAV DISH THERE: The Macro Plate (and the gf cornbread with tahini sauce!) ← I can vouch on that bread being the bomb.  

HER BONUS FAV PLANT PARTY RESTAURANT: Om Cafe in Michigan.  (they have an awesome Macrobiotic Plate on THURSDAYS only 🙂 )

KATIE’S FAV PLANT: Sea veggies! (whaaat?!) She sprinkles dulse flakes on everything. And with arame she soaks it in water for ~5 minutes and then she takes that and boils it for ~10 minutes, then she uses it all week long “pasta-style” with coconut oil, sea salt and cinnamon (weird/cool – I know!).  Or a more “normal” way she eats it is with avocado on salads!


My dark but super interesting book recommendation is The Stranger by Albert Camus

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