#19: How to Trust Your Gut & Get Wut You Want! with Shannon Kaiser

This episode was Seoul much fun to record with Shannon who was IN Seoul while we taped it! 


>> Summary of this ‘sode = It all comes back to trust, yo. #trustorbust (haha?)

Let’s back it up. Shannon teaches from her own experience, and a pivotal experience for her that showed just why trust is where it’s at was when she hit a bout of depression many years ago and realized that that depression was a full on result of her not trusting herself and not doing what her heart actually desired because she didn’t believe the dreams in her heart were actually possible! [Sad face.] [Can you relate?]

But her story doesn’t stop there because after that realization, she set out to create a life that 100% fulfills what she actually desires and she teaches others how to do that, too!

But 1st and foremost: TRUSTING our gut feelings; that little voice that tells us what we actually truly want is the first step to getting what we want in our lives!

But OK….what does that voice sound like??!! How do we know we’re hearing the right voice? What does our GUT FEELING actually FEEL LIKE?!

Well, according to Shannon: it feels ~ expansive and empowering ~ 🙂

((Which is very unlike a FEAR voice, which feels constrictive, heavy, like you’re clenching (in my own words!) and it causes a lot of anxiety.))

BUT. CAVEAT. There’s kind of an in-between fear voice: one that’s more like a chatter that comes from your head. Like “who am I to start a podcast?” or “who am I to do a yoga teacher training?” An annoying voice that questions your ability to do that which your gut/heart/intuition is pulling you to do. But you’ve gotta ignore that chatter, my friend, and follow that thing pulling at your heart instead.

Cool. So how do we hear more of our intuition/gut feeling/inner guide/best self/future self? What if we wanna get in touch with it daily?

No problem! Just tune inward and ask it to come out and play. It’s always with us, it’s just super polite and waits for permission to make a peep. So if you’re at the doctor’s office, in line at Starbucks, locking your shoes into your spin bike, feel free to ask it what’s up and it’ll be happy to respond back. Oh, and btw, your inner guide is the first response you’ll hear. The BS fear one will chime in second. So trust the first voice.

Shortcut –> your loving voice is NEVER frustrated feeling or mean basketball coach sounding. <– That’s fear. The good voice, the inner guide one that represents your best self, that one sounds calm and loving like a yoga teacher.

Meditation helps, too. And good news….Shannon believes that meditation = being fully present.

That’s it. Nothing with an ohm or a chant or a challenging cross-legged-position… Shannon says when you’re in “joy,” whether that means on a run, drinking a chai latte, in the shower, pumping 16 Handles soy vanilla ice cream into your cup…whatever it is that makes you feel pure bliss, that’s when your loving inner voice can speak up and that’s when your fear voice hibernates.

Here’s a concept I NEVER want you to forget. EVER. NEVER EVER:


(catchy, huh?)

Tattoo that to the tip of your tongue, because it’s crucial for helping you have your best life ever.

If you listen to my story at about 14:40 mark about getting booked on The Doctor Oz Show (you can watch that segment here!  And you can watch my teary eyed announcement of it here!) , you’ll hear how my unwavering belief that “rejection = protection” brought me a humungo achievement in my life.

Here’s why REJECTION = PROTECTION works:

Because when we want something, it’s really the essence of that thing that we actually want. Not the thing, thing. But if we put all our emotional eggs in that specific thing’s basket, we completely close ourselves off to the possibility of an even better thing!

So get crystal clear on WHY we really want that thing that we think that we want. WHY do you want to reach that number on the scale? WHY do you want to successfully avoid gluten? WHY do you want that specific person to email you back?

Here’s what REJECTION = PROTECTION really means: that you have an unshakeable belief that everything is working out in your favor, at the right time at the highest good for all involved.

And if you listen to Shannon’s story at 17:13 about one of her book deals, you’ll have further proof of this concept 🙂 This ain’t woowoo, my friend, it’s what produces woohoo results in your life!

Here’s how you REJECTION = PROTECTION it up: you let go of the timing and you let go that it’s about getting one specific thing and you just get aligned with the FEELING of what it is you want.

Ah, ok, that sounds heady…let me clear it up. When Shannon wanted to get a book deal, she didn’t envision the FEELING of the published book in her hands – she envisioned the FEELING of a publisher being like “we love you, Shannon, let’s make the best book a Barnes and Noble shelf has ever carried!” (Or something like that….)

Here are some tangible steps for getting shiz you want. (If you’re into that kind of thing):

  • Set a clear intention. (Which just means to actual declare to yourself, your dog, your shower curtain…what the eff you WANT!!!)
  • Visualize it. Feel it, breathe it, picture it, draw it out in brown rice…
  • Take human action!!!!! ← this is the trickiest step, in my opinion. Because many of us do two things wrong with this step. Some of us just don’t do it at all (which is wrong) because we think us visualizing is good enough (wrong). Others of us take action in a needy, aggressive, desperate way and that’s gonna end up blocking us from getting it. Ahh, I know it sucks. But it’s simple: to take “good” human action, try to do 3 things each day towards your goal WITH LOVE. Not with needy-ness.
  • LET THE HECK GO. Hand it over to the universe and say “thanks, universe! I know you’ll take this from here.” in the same way as you’d stick a letter in the mailbox and say “thanks, mailman! You’ll take this from here.”

I’m happy I asked Shannon the most truthful question ever: are we delusional if we keep trusting that we’re gonna get what we want when we just AREN’T seeming to get that thing that we want?!?!?

And she said, no. But she did say that sometimes we have illusions that are delusional. (I know, wtf is this spiritual Dr. Seuss shiz?!) Bare with me: she says that sometimes the REASON we think we need or want something is the delusion.

So maybe it’s not the trusting that the thing that we want will eventually come that’s cray cray. But maybe wholeheartedly believing that we NEED that thing for whatever reason we think that we do IS cray-cray of us.

For example: maybe us believing that we need to hit a certain weight on the scale in order to meet a great guy is the delusional illusion part. That kind of illusion can block you from hitting that weight on the scale (and from getting the great dude). There are plenty of people who aren’t that certain weight who have great guys, so you believing that “A” has to happen to get “B” is the illusion that you’ve gotta vanish from your mind.

How do you vanish illusions from your mind? >>> BY TRUSTING YOURSELF (full circle, I know). Here’s Shannon’s fav mantra to repeat (a mantra is just a phrase so don’t freak out):

“Everything happens at the right time and the right place. I am right where I need to be to get to where I want to go.”

^ Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

And maybe also, while you’re smoking that mantra that you just put in your pipe, you can think about this: that doing the INSIDE work FIRST is necessary to get the OUTSIDE stuff.

So you’re not gonna hit that desired weight on the scale in that example without changing your diet. Or moving your bod more. Or whatever else … if you wanna talk about it more let’s work together 1-on-1!

OVERWHELMED?!?!?!? Ok. How about you just do this 1 thing: nourish your nudge.

^ Translation:

follow your joy route …

do things that feel the most joyful for you …

consistently align yourself with a joyful path.

Shannon’s awesome books!

“Find Your Happy” – great book for people wanting to get unstuck. If you’re in transition, this guide is for you.

“Find Your Happy Daily Mantras” – 365 days of bite-size inspiration! Think of it like bumper sticker saying that can improve your life and mindset.

“Adventures For Your Soul” – a book that helps us ditch our fear based habits that block us from good shiz in our lives.

SHANNON‘S FAV PLANT PARTY COUNTRY: Berlin! Kale salads and green smoothies all over.


HER FAV WAY TO EAT IT: Kale chips! She uses cajun spices and I make these!

BOOKS THAT HAVE IMPROVED HER LIFE IN SOME WAY: Anything by Elizabeth Gilbert! Eat Pray Love would be her #1 pick but she also recommends Big Magic.

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