#11: Acupuncture…What’s the Point? with James Rohr

If you’ve never tried it, acupuncture might freak you the heck out. But once you do try it, you’ll understand why it’s the greatest healing modality on earth.

I’ve been getting acupuncture treatments for over 10 years and I can’t speak highly enough about them needles in my meridians! But I also can’t really speak on how exactly them needles work, so I brought in my personal acupuncturist, James Rohr, who also happens to run two acupuncture practices, is an author, a top acupuncturist to celebrities and is the kindest, funniest, most non-woo-woo healer.

This conversation with James is anything but sterile (like lame), although the needles he uses to make people feel their best are always sterile!

Stuff mentioned in this episode:


–> Using tiny sterile needles in pressure points in the body to help people feel their best.

And why don’t the needles hurt?!

–> Because the needles are super small (like the thickness of a hair) and solid! Unlike those “shot” needles, which are hollow and much larger and well, HURT!

So, what CAN acupuncture help with?

Depression, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, TMJ (jaw pain from stress), digestion, fertility, immunity….

Basically, as James says:

“if you’re waking up with the thought ‘if only [fill in the blank] would feel better, then the quality of  life would improve significantly,’ chances are, acupuncture and Chinese medicine has a treatment to whatever that [fill in the blank] is.”

He says: if your appendix is about to explode, don’t call me, but certainly after the surgery come get acupuncture to help remove scar tissue and get full range of motion back and heal!

A lot of his clients/acupuncture enthusiasts say: “I just generally like who I am when I get acupuncture.” …. So many people reap benefits so far beyond what they walk in the door for.

It might seem like magic, but acupuncture is REAL! Here’s how it works:

Traditional Chinese perspective (where this stuff comes from): the idea is that our bodies are full of energy (aka chi or qi or ‘life force’) and that energy flows through pathways throughout the bodies (aka ‘meridians’) and the acupuncture needles go into the identifiable landmark point along the meridian to help move unblocked energy and essential heal us!

There are over 300 points on the body and hundreds more in the ears and feet, etc. These points can work well on their own AND they can work as a team so can like tag team that shiz!

Acupuncture moves energy to places where energy’s stuck. And when energy’s stuck it can manifest on an emotional level and/or physical level.

How do you avoid a bogus acupuncturists?

Here’s a nice rule of thumb: if your acupuncturist graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, they’re not gonna be bogus!

Wanna read James’ awesome book?

James’ favorite plant-party restaurant: Cafe Mogador which is around the corner from his acupunture office (and my home) here in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY!

His favorite plant to eat: kale – just in a salad.

A book that’s positively impacted his life: Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn


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