#10: How I Quit Anxiety Attacks (in 6 steps)


I used to live with an insurmountable amount of anxiety. Anxiety attacks were a painful and routine part of my life. It was like my anxiety was my Uber drive and I was just a lost, helpless passenger in the back seat!

Until enough was enough and I quit them.

In this episode, I walk you through the 6 out-of-the-box, drug-free things I’ve done to effectively kick my anxiety to the curb (and keep it there like a loser for over 4 years now).

If you struggle with anxiety, you cannot afford to skip this episode! (Sorry, not trying to make you anxious about it, but seriously.)

Mentioned in this episode:

>> MY super happy RUNNING PLAYLIST! <<

The 6 things I did to kick-anxiety-in-the-crotch:

  1. I snapped myself out of it with STICKK.com and discovered that it’s me, not the anxiety, who runs the show.
  2. I rationalize with myself when possible.
  3. And I pray when it’s not.
  4. I sweat the anxiety out of me!
  5. I eat loads of plants and a minuscule amount of crap.
  6. I anticipate and allow the anxiety to give myself a home court advantage against it.

^^Those 6 things are what have made me into a completely different human than I was just 4 years ago when I was having anxiety attacks on the reg.

After listening to this episode…

… I hope you’re feeling amped to try some of these actions to start axing your anxiety!

I’ve helped lots of my private coaching clients attack their anxiety as it can help lessen bloat and other belly issues so if you’d like to dive into this topic with me individually, feel free to email me at: talia@partyinmyplants.com

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  1. Hi Talia! I love your site and your podcasts, but this one is a little questionable. I don’t have anxiety or take anxiety meds, but I know several people who do so I feel compelled to comment here. I’m glad your methods work for you but you indirectly imply that those who have actual brain chemical imbalance-induced anxiety pretty much aren’t smart enough to rationalize or exercise their anxiety away.

    I think your methods are great for regular everyday anxiety, but many people do need professional therapy (and sometimes medication) to function and I’d hate for people to disregard that because they think they should be able to “pray it out.”

    1. Hi Angisaghi, I appreciate you listening to my podcasts and your concern for people other than yourself who have anxiety. I, too, was prescribed medication from a professional. I mentioned multiple times, deliberately, that I was sharing my personal non-doctor, non-therapist experience based on what worked for me. That’s all 🙂 Wasn’t implying anything about anyone not being smart or that anyone should disregard anything and I’m surprised to hear that this podcast portrayed me as not taking anxiety seriously. I was just sharing my positive experience with anxiety the same way one would share their positive experience with an airline that maybe another person hates.