#1: What is PLANT-BASED?

what is plant-based

I make my living preaching about plants. Plants are my passion! My business is “Party in My Plants”  and now my podcast is the Party in My Plants Podcast. So, I better have a damn good reason for including “plants” in my business name, (other than it being an awesome play on the “party in my pants” joke from Anchorman. Which it is, I know.)

Well I do have a damn good reason for being mad about plants, and that’s exactly what this episode is all about:


Stuff Mentioned in This Episode:

My personal story with plants. {Spark notes: they change my life and my body, mind, spirit, mood, energy, weight, digestion and eating habits.}

How plants are the common denominator. The one thing that South Beach Diet fanatics, Whole 30 devotees, Weight Watchers addicts, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, lacto ovo vegetarian ALL AGREE ON.

So, let’s all just eat more plants.

So to me, a “plant-BASED diet” literally means that the BASE of one’s diet….is PLANTS.

It’s what that person eats the MOST of. Where most of their calories come from, what covers most of the real estate on their plates, their shopping carts, their fridge, their Instagram feed….

My food philosophy couldn’t be more simple: just eat more PLANTS than you do CRAP. That’s it.

What’s CRAP?




& Processed foods.

I do discuss some loopholes. Because aren’t there always loopholes?

There are some plants that get refined and processed that I still eat and wouldn’t discourage you from eating too:

  • Things like plant-based protein powder, that’s powder that’s been processed from brown rice (if you’re eating brown rice protein powder.)
  • There’s sprouted grain bread, which is obviously grains that have been processed into bread.
  • There’s lentil pasta which means lentils got mechanically made it into pasta.
  • There are bars made from nuts, seeds and fruit that certainly were processed and put in packages with pretty labels and fun slogans.

But let’s think about those things: their main ingredients (of powders, breads, pasta, bars, etc. that I’d recommend you eat) came from A PLANT!! A grain, a bean, a nut, a fruit….A PLANT.

Oh, and FYI: eating plant-based doesn’t mean exclusively eating salads and drinking green drinks.

A chia pudding – made with chia seeds (a plant), almond milk (from a plant), stevia (a plant)  and berries (a plant) is a fully plant-based meal that is NOT a salad. And IS terrific.

podcast episode 1

Rice pasta with lentil bolognese – pasta made from rice (a plant), drenched in tomato sauce (all plants) with basil (a plant) and lentils (a plant) is another fully plant-based meal that is NOT a salad. And is phenomenal. And super easy to make. 

lentil bolognese

Even wine!! Made from fermented grapes (a plant) is a plant-based meal that is definitely not a salad!

So long gone are the days that eating healthy equals eating boringly or eating blandly. I mean, those days haven’t been the days since Ross and Rachel were on a break!

we were on a break

So my short answer to the question “What is plant-based?” is simply that great health, happiness and a pant size comes from eating way MORE PLANTS than you do CRAP.

It couldn’t be more simple. It also couldn’t be more delicious.

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