#0: Welcome to the Party in My Plants Podcast!

Wee! How exciting is it that we’ve got a FIRST episode of The Party in My Plants Podcast?!

Well, actually it’s a “zero” episode of The Party in My Plants Podcast, since this is episode #0. 

Ok, I know 0 isn’t a #, but I wanted this episode to serve as the real starting place of the show. 

Which is why in this episode I introduce myself, explain the purpose of this show and give a preview of what you can expect when you tune in twice a week 🙂

Stuff discussed in this episode:

Me. Talia Pollock. Your Host. Who I am.

The olden days when I used to perform stand up comedy, intern at Happy Madison and Collegehumor and work at the Late Show with David Letterman.


Why I started Party in My Plants: with the mission of using my unique voice and passion for performing to inspire people to eat more plants! (Which I had proof was legit because eating loads of plants changed my own life by helping me be relieved of my undiagnosable digestive distress, food addictions, weight issues, chronic lack of energy, emotional problems and a hell of a lot of anxiety.)

The fact that “PIMP” is Party in My Plants’ awesome nickname!

How I work with dozens of superb 1 on 1 coaching clients.

My hundreds of quirky healthy cooking videos (and recipes)!


Colleges and companies I’ve spoken at about how to happily eat more plants.

Places I’ve written for like Mindbodygreen, The Huffington Post, Success Magazine and Yoga Digest.

That time I made smoothies alongside Doctor Oz on his TV show.

The definition of A HEALTH NUT HERMIT: being healthy, but not allowing that to come in the way of a happy social life.

The ultimate Party in My Plants truth: IF HEALTHY LIVING SUCKS, WE WON’T DO IT.

The only way to guarantee we’ll ACTUALLY eat and do the healthy things is to take the HELL out of HEALTHY, and that’s exactly the whole point of this Party in My Plants Podcast.

pimppod 0 quote

So, “subscribe” to the show!

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And feel free to reach out to me whenever at talia@parytinmyplants.com

(Oh and if you wanna take photos of the healthy food you eat while listening, them with #partyinmyplantspodcast!) 

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