Healthy-For-Your-Head Books! Part 1.

In recording almost 50 podcast episodes, I’ve gotten a boat load of book suggestions (you know that’s one of the questions I ask almost every guest, right? —> “What’s one book that’s inspired you in some awesome way?”).

Since my guests are some pretty epic people, I trust what they choose to absorb through their eyeballs. (You better believe I’m working my way through this list of over 50 books!)

And I wanted to make it easy-as-pie for you eat up the words from all of these books that my guests say will “inspire you in some awesome way” too, so I made you this free download….

That’s what it looks like, but to get it, you gotta tell me where to email it! Fill out this form and this list of all 50 healthy-for-your-head reads is YOURS:

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