“Healthy” Cocktails: Vodka Edition

Let’s be real here. Just because I like to party with plants, doesn’t mean I don’t like to party…with other…things. Like…alcohol.

Like I’ve said time and time again, health and happiness go together. They need one another to maximize their potential.

So just like you can’t have a veggie burger without organic ketchup, or a green smoothie without a handful of kale (ok, fine, spinach works too), or a bowl of hummus without something crunchy to dunk into it, you can’t have health without happiness.

And what’s something that enhances happiness? Alcohol. [IN MODERATION!]

Now I’m not suggesting you start spiking all of your cold-pressed juices with booze, I just want to show you how, if you want to have an occasional drink to kick back, celebrate life and giggle a little bit extra, you can do that without totally compromising your health.

So let me introduce you to my secret “healthy” cocktail weapon: Ciroc Vodka. 

Yes, I like to party like P-Diddy. In fact, you can sometimes find me partying WITH P-Diddy.

party with pdiddy
(What am I talking about? P-Diddy, the hip hop extraordinaire, is the spokesperson behind a brand of alcohol called Ciroc.)

And is it just me, or does the bottle of Ciroc look awfully similar to the beautiful new Freedom Tower?

ciroc freedom tower

Ok, so Why Ciroc?

1.) Vodka wins the award for spirit with the lowest sugar. (Aka the booze that’ll have least impact on your blood sugar and pant-size.)

2.) Ciroc is distilled from GRAPES, meaning it’s totally gluten-free and, in my justification, a reallllllly clear and strong wine.

3.) I like that it’s made from a fruit. Other vodkas are distilled from things like wheat, barley and rye (non gluten-free grains) or corn and potatoes (really starchy gluten-free grains). It just makes me feel happy knowing Ciroc came from grapes.

4.) I’ve never once in my life gotten hungover or had a stomach ache or otherwise felt sick after a night of drinking Ciroc. (Note: I am also not a heavy drinker, but I truthfully can feel the difference after a drink made with Ciroc and a drink made with some other vodka.)

How Do I Drink Ciroc?

From a Bartender:

When I’m out on the town, (or, if we’re being honest, at a Bar Mitzvah), my regular go-to is a vodka soda with a little lime juice.

Cliche? Yes. Tasty? Yes. Sugary? No. Good for someone who cares about their health but also cares about being able to enjoy doing the Cha-Cha-Slide next to their 3rd cousin? Yes.

When I’m the Bartender:

Whether it’s a fun and sunny summery afternoon, a cozy and romantic evening in, or it’s an energetic and loud gathering of friends, I like to make my own cocktails. But not like fancy, complicated cocktails. I like to make the easiest and “healthiest” cocktails I can come up with.

Now, I’m no mixologist, but I do happen to have a talent for finding cool bottles of healthy stuff at Whole Foods and mixing them with Ciroc to make a refreshing, fun and tasty drink.

Here are some of my latest and greatest “healthy” cocktails with vodka:

The Tox While I Detox

tox while detox


1 shot of vodka + 6 oz. of Kombucha + pinch of stevia + herby garnish

vodka kombucha ingredients

The cool thing about Kombucha is, that aside from its awesome health benefits, it has such a funky, fizzy flavor that makes for the perfect marriage to vodka. They’re both fermented, too! I hear wedding bells…

Alls I do is fill a glass with ice.

Add a shot (give or take) of vodka (as you now know, I use Ciroc).


Add about half a bottle of Kombucha or just enough to almost fill the glass.


(But first, I open it with caution just in case it tries to explode on me.)


Add a pinch or two of stevia for some extra sweetness.

And finish it off with a fresh herb like mint, basil or even cilantro.


A great thing about this drink is that you can use any flavor and brand of Kombucha you like so you can vary the cocktail A LOT.

If you read about the health benefits of Kombucha here, you’ll then understand why I called this my “Tox While I Detox Drink.”

The Master of my Cleanse is Tipsy

the master of my cleanse

This drink is even easier than the Kombucha one! You don’t even need to add a sweetener! It’s just one bottle, another bottle, ice, boom!


1 shot of vodka + 6 oz. of a master cleanse drink (try Suja or BluePrint) + ice

You might have noticed these “Master Cleanse”-esque drinks popping up at Whole Foods and other health food stores. You remember the Master Cleanse, right? That short-lived yet long-talked-about trend of fasting on water mixed with lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Didn’t Beyonce do that? Good times.

Anyway, since this bottled drink has citrus and sweetener already, adding vodka seems like an obvious next step, right?

suja ciroc drink

Easy, spunky and a little spicy.

The Life is but a Steaz.

life is but a steaz

This drink is just a breeze. Have you heard of Steaz?

It’s another beverage I’ve found taking up massive shelf-space at Whole Foods (and being on sale A LOT.)

It’s a green tea drink naturally sweetened with stevia. It’s lovely, refreshing and absolutely perfect to mix with vodka and ice on a hot summer day.


1 shot of vodka + 6 oz. of Steaz + ice

Just grab your preferred unsweetened Steaz (I like the lemonade/iced tea mix and the raspberry flavored).


Pour your 1 shot of vodka into your glass with ice.


Add your 6 ounces (almost a cup) of Steaz.


Garnish with a random flower (optional) and then enjoy!



As I shared in my post about How I Stayed Healthy, Happy and Hip at a Music Festival, I have this one, non-negotiable rule for drinking alcohol.

For every 1 cocktail I enjoy, I drink 2 cups of water. This keeps me hydrated, keeps me from drinking too much and keeps me from feeling lousy the next day.


Do YOU have any awesome “healthy” cocktail recipes? I’d love to try them! Leave them in a comment below.

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