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Are you setting yourself up for healthy-eating success?

Guess what – all the recipes, tips and tricks from my newslettermy blog and in my videos are pretttttty much pointless if you don’t have the basics down. You can bookmark and save all the recipes your hard drive can handle, but none of it will make a difference (let-alone, get MADE) if you’re not setting yourself up for success.

Here’s how the common journey to healthy eating tends to go:

1.) You learn what healthy foods are. You decide you want to eat more of them. And you decide why (to feel better, look better, live longer, impress your ex, have more energy, etc.).pimp arrow2.) You find a few easy recipes that you think you’d like to try making. You pin, bookmark, print, scan, copy, photograph, telegraph, etc. them and create a “to-make list.”pimp arrow3.) You go out and get the ingredients for one of two of those recipes you decided to make. Even if the grocery store seriously scares you. You forget your reusable bags and go through a 20-second debate about whether going back to get them is worth it or not. You decide it’s not.pimp arrow4.) You come home with the ingredients (after a stressful excursion that may or may not have included a breakdown in the produce section) and probably realize that you are missing a piece of essential equipment or tools to make those recipes. You order them on Amazon Prime and pray that they’ll arrive before your produce goes bad.pimp arrow

5.) Your tools come and you make your meal but my god, that took so long! You wish there was an easier, quicker way to make healthy meals. You turn back to eating CRAP because it’s so much easier and quicker…and there goes your healthy diet…pimp arrowBahh, that sucked.

You don’t expect me to just let you give up and continue eating crap, do you? KALE NO! Here’s the answer…


I put together this “Party in Your Kitchen” guide to actually finish the loop. To ACTUALLY help you make your healthy diet your EVERY DAY diet.

This is your PLAN for eating more PLANTS. It’s Party in my Plants 101. It’s the FOUNDATION for your plant-party. It’s everything you need to know to easily, effectively and enjoyably make all the recipes you’ll find on my blog and in my videos 🙂

 (And it’s only $13.)

In this digital, download-able guide, you’ll learn:

  • EXACTLY what you should be stocking your kitchen with without breaking the bank – both equipment-wise and ingredient-wise (and even cookbook-wise).
  • How to grocery shop. And what’s worth spending big bucks on and what’s a total waste of your money.
  • How to make EASY FOOD, like smoothies, big bowls, and loads of filling snacks. You’ll get my no-fail formula for putting together healthy meals in minutes – AND how to vary those meals so you’re not getting bored of your healthy diet.
  • How to use leftovers to make amazing meals and how to healthify DELIVERY dinners, too. (Yep, it’s possible to make take-out healthy.) 
  •  Secret tricks and tips that I’ve never before shared that have led ME to successfully eat so healthfully. Tricks like helpful apps, jar hacks, and how a slotted spoon might save you..