Below is a list of answers to questions that I frequently get asked (or that I frequently imagine people are silently wondering).

If there’s a question you’re silently wondering that I didn’t answer below, absolutely get in touch!

What IS the Party in Your Plants?

Its meaning is trifold:

1.) It’s a brand and business that celebrates how eating loads of plants and doing healthy stuff doesn’t have to suck!

2.) It’s a way of remembering that when you DO eat loads of plants and do healthy stuff (by using the non-lame tips that I share) you’ll feel so good all the time that your life will feel like a daily party!

3.) It’s a trademarked (yep! I ™’d it!) play on the “party in my pants” joke from one of my favorite funny movies delivered by one of my favorite funny men (Steve Carell in Anchorman).

What are plants?

PLANTS refers to those good ol’ fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, natural sweeteners, grains…all the stuff that grows…like a plant (or is picked off a plant that grew) (or squeezed out of a plant that grew) (etc.). Plants are foods that are not MADE in a manufacturing plant.

When is the party?

There’s not an actual party. Although every podcast episode feels like a party. And every video. And I do go to schools, companies and conferences and talk about how to plant-party.

Why do you scream into the camera in your videos?

Because I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. (And because I’m so energized from eating plants. #walkingbillboard)

Why plants?

  • Plants are the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. (Meaning: You get more healthy bang for your buck when you eat ’em.)
  • Speaking of bucks, plants don’t require many. Plants are cheap.
  • They’re also low in calories, if you care about those things.
  • Plants require so little energy to digest, which means that you’ll have so much more energy to spend playing flag football, taking a road trip, running errands, cleaning out your medicine cabinet, making it to the gym or whatever else you do in your life!
  • Plants also help your skin glow, your digestion flow and keep your mood upbeat, you know.
  • If you compare all the dietary theories, you’ll see they disagree about meat, dairy, gluten, yada yada…but they all high five about the health/weight/happiness benefits of eating more plants!
  • That’s because eating a high-plant diet brings your body into its most healthy, disease-free state: Veggies are the most alkaline and anti-inflammatory foods on the planet.
  • Plants are sexy, versatile and tasty AF!

Do you only eat plants?

Not only, but mostly. My eating philosophy is: Eat more plants than you do crap (crap being = chemical, refined, artificial and processed foods). I talk a lot about that in this podcast episode.

So are you a vegan?

I’m not. I was vegan for four years but now I eat a little eggs, fish and sheep or goat dairy. You can hear more about my “transition” or “journey” or whatever you wanna call it here.

Should I judge you, write mean emails or send negative energy your way since you’re not a vegan?

I’d really prefer you don’t. I’m of the mindset that if you care so much about being kind to animals, you should also care about being kind to peoples.

What’s the difference between plant-based and vegan anyway?

In my opinion, plant-based means someone BASES their diet off plants; the majority of the foods they eat are plants, but they could still squeeze some eggs, fish, cheese, etc. in there as the minority. Vegan means consuming zero animal-derived products (which often applies to furniture, clothing, honey and other stuff too). I talk all about what plant-based means to me in this podcast episode!

Can I come to your plant-party?

As I said before, there’s not an actual party, but you can follow me on Instagram, subscribe to my podcast on iTunes, hop on my weekly emails and binge watch all my cooking videos on YouTube.

Who are you and why should I care?

I’m Talia and you can read more about me here. You can also hear more about me here. As for why you should care: You don’t have to, I just believe I can help you eat healthier in a non-sucky way so you can live your best possible life. And I have a proven track record if that helps

Are you even an expert?

I am! I’m a professionally trained plant-based chef from the Natural Gourmet Institute and a board-certified holistic health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition*. I also have a BS (even though it’s not BS) in television, radio and film from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, and, I mean, I’ve been eating and living this way every single hour of every single day for close to a century, so like, I have that personal experience to throw into the mix.

*Wanna steal my job?! Here’s the program that helped me learn how to make money helping others eat healthier.

Do you eat at Chipotle?

A couple times a year, yeah, why not? I get a burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, that tofu stuff, all the veggies, extra veggies, guac (yes, I know it costs extra, thank you), mild salsa and a smidge bit of hot salsa, too.

Do you drink alcohol?

Umm, does a bear shit in the woods? Does my doggie shit in the street for me to pick up 3-4 times a day? Can magnesium help you shit? You better freaking believe I drink alcohol! Wine is just fermented grapes…and that’s a plant, my friend!

In addition to wine, I’m a big kombucha-cocktail enthusiast. I’m also all about the hard apple cider instead of beer in beer-esque situations like watching football or being at a beer garden.

Do you have IBS?

Well, yeah, I mean, that’s the official “diagnosis” I got in 2007 – if you even call “IBS” a diagnosis. Sorry I’m sour on the “IBS” thing but from my experience, a doctor telling you “it’s IBS” really means they’re saying “IDUNNO” which makes “IBS” pretty much mean: BS.

But did you heal your IBS?

I haven’t chatted with a doc about my IBS since 2007 but I’ll put it this way: I used to have debilitating stomach pain, bloating, discomfort and misery and now my stomach and I feel awesome 98% of the time. So yeah, I’d say I both healed and said to hell with IBS! 🙂

How did you heal your IBS?

That’s way too long of an answer which is why I coach people on exactly that!

Does your boyfriend eat the same way as you?

Not always! He eats meat and I don’t. Instead of focusing on that, I try to focus on the plants that he DOES happily eat. I don’t believe diets should come between true love and I recorded a whole podcast episode about how we make our relationship work even though our plates aren’t always mirror images.

(Although he does love himself a hearty green juice!)

Why is there no calorie info for your recipes?

Calories are not things I count nor things I recommend you count, either. If you do want to count something because you just love counting, count ingredients! The less in a packaged food, the better. Or count plants! The more you consume in a day the better!

Do you have the cutest dog on the planet?

Yes, yes I do! His name is Tommy and he’s a 27-pound goldendoodle (part family-friendly golden retriever, part non-shedding smart-ass poodle). He actually has his own Instagram account if you want to see his plant-party adventures. (His fav plants are green apples and bananas like his mama. Me.)

When did you start PIMP?

February 2013.

What is PIMP?

PIMP is my nickname for Party in My Plants. It sounds awesome, is easy to write and is also the actual acronym for Party in My Plants.

What’s your favorite form of exercise?

Running! (If that wasn’t clear from this podcast episode.)

How do you have so much willpower?

It’s not so much that I have super [will]powers; it’s more that I am constantly, 100% of the time thinking “How will this food make me feel?” before putting anything into my mouth. So if I don’t want to feel how I know I’ll feel after a croissant, I simply will happily choose to not have the croissant 🙂 It looks like epic feats of willpower but it’s really just me lovingly choosing to feel energized and epic instead of sluggish, bloated and blah on a daily basis.

If willpower is something you’re struggling with, I encourage you to take my quick 3 question survey to alert me of YOUR willpower woes. I wanna learn more about what problems you’re facing so I can create the absolute BEST ways to help you not have those problems ever again!

What’s your go-to breakfast?

Protein waffles/pancakes.

What’s your favorite plant?

Sweet potatoes. And peas. And blueberries. And kale. And bananas. And green apples. I actually had a green apple themed bat-mitzvah party and my first AIM screen name was greenapplegirly1 so I should probably go with green apples for those extreme acts of dedication.

So you’re Jewish?

Half. Mom isn’t, dad is. That’s why I make my incredibly delicious healthy sugar cookies in both Christmas shapes AND Hanukkah shapes.

What time does your plant-party start?

There’s no actual party.

Where do you live?

In Williamsburg! Which is in Brooklyn! Which is in NYC!

What are you favorite restaurants in NYC?

Good question. I recorded a podcast episode all about my favorite NYC plant party restaurants!

Why did you stop doing stand-up comedy?

Because I’m not a night person. And also because I didn’t feel fully satisfied just telling jokes to get laughs while people ate chicken wings in buffalo ranch dip. I deeply desired telling jokes to inspire and help people eat vegetables and drink more water.

Would you ever do stand-up comedy again?

I want to, but I don’t know how to work around the fact that I’m not a night person. Any suggestions?

Where’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Thailand!! I recorded this podcast episode all about my amazingly healthy experience there!

What’s your sweet-tooth-craving-fixer?

1-3 medjool dates (pitted) stuffed with a nut butter and a couple chocolate chips or banana ice cream!

Do you meal plan?

I don’t! I just make sure my home is always stocked like a health food store and whenever I make anything for dinner, I make so much extra so I have leftovers for dayyyyzzzz.

But if I were to meal plan, I’d use this service for help. 

Who’s your favorite comedian?

I love Jerry Seinfeld so much so that I made a little shrine thing of him years ago. It’s kind of embarrassing. You can email me for a photo of it. I also love Jim Gaffigan a ton even though he’s all about making fun of kale. I once met him and gave him my business card saying “OMG Jim, I’m you but opposite!” and I’m still waiting to hear from him about how we should go on tour together…

Whitney Cummings’ stand up is hilarious, Amy Schumer’s book was one of the best I’ve ever read (although I don’t dig her stand-up…no offense Amy! If you’re reading this I’d love to have you on my podcast!!) and Gary Gulman is THE MAN. His jokes about creating state abbreviations makes me cry of laughter and his Trader Joe’s bit (part 1 | part 2) is beyond.

Beyond what?

I don’t know, isn’t that a saying? I do love Beyond Sushi though, a plant-based sushi restaurant here in NYC!

Are these really all FAQ’s?

Well nobody’s asked me “beyond what” before, but most of them are.

Can I bring a friend to your plant-party?

There’s no actual plant-party but you can share my website with your Facebook friends!

What’s your best advice for someone wanting to start eating more plants?

It’s crucial for you to stock your kitchen with plants. You seriously can’t eat fruits and veggies if you seriously don’t have fruits and veggies to eat. So stock your kitchen. (This’ll show you the way.)

Then, make banana ice cream. And then penne allmost vodka. And black bean brownies.

Oh and get a blender (a cheap one is all you need). Green smoothies are the easiest way to eat more plants. (And adding peanut butter is the easiest way to get used to green smoothies.)

Why is this FAQ page so long?

Because it’s actually really really fun to write!!!

What was Doctor Oz like?

He was like your high school basketball teammate’s really really really nice dad. In scrubs.

Did you play basketball?

Yeah! Hard core for years! I was a shooting guard and had a mean 3-point shot. Although I was what they called a “streak shooter” which means that I’d either be “on” and nail a whole bunch of ‘em (once I had seven 3-pointers in one game!) or I’d be “off” in which case I’d literally cry on the bench. I can’t believe I just admitted that. OMG I’m so embarrassed. To redeem myself I’ll tell you that I once won a championship game by swishing a buzzer beater shot from the right baseline on an inbound play! My teammates carried me off the court just like in the movies!

How can I book you to speak at my school, company, camp, conference or other cool place?

You can and should and I hope you will reach out to me here!!

If you had to sum up what you do in one sentence….?

I help people eat healthier without hating their lives.

What’s your favorite non-food healthy habit?

Needles! (Getting acupuncture.) It’s changed my life as I explained in this podcast episode. And running (sorry, that’s 2 habits). I talk about how running’s helped alleviate a lot of anxiety I used to experience in this podcast episode.

What’s one thing that you really suck at/want to improve upon?

Trusting that it’s all going to work out. Pumping my breaks and letting the universe do its thing, so to speak. Basically everything that’s discussed in this podcast episode.

What’s your go-to dinner?

Stuffing a sweet potato with lots of plants, a protein and pesto!

Are you ever going to stop writing this FAQ?

Yeah, I’m winding down. Kinda sad about that, though.

How can I work with you privately?

Here’s all that info!

Where do I RSVP to your plant-party?