Blending: A Love Story [And a Blender Guide]

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I recently gifted someone a Nutribullet. Ok, not just someone – someones. I give them to people all the time. Why? Because it’s the most affordable, portable, effective blender in town. (Or on Amazon.) And also because I think having a high-speed blender is absolutely essential for every home, apartment or even dorm. And also because when I give people gifts, it’s because I like those people, and If I like those people, I want them to be their healthiest, happiest self.

So let’s talk blenders for a sec.

When I was little and hanging out in the kitchen (too young to cook), I never saw my mom use a blender. We had one, but I literally can’t recal my mom ever turning it on (and she cooked a lot).


When I got into the double digits, I soon discovered said blender was perfect for strawberry milkshakes. I VIVIDLY remember (and can still mentally taste, come to think of it) my concoction of skim milk, Breyer’s vanilla bean ice cream and Hershey’s strawberry syrup, plus a few ice cubes. I drank this stuff like it was liquid pink colored gold.

When I got into my late teens, I learned that blenders were the things that people made those sweet cocktails out of (I had been to Mexico with some friends when we turned their drinking age of 18, and drank every blended drink they sold). Soon I went on a “margarita kick,” blending up good ol’ Margarita mixes with tequila.

When I went to college, blending became a thing of the past – a blender was such a “mom thing” that I only used at home because my mom had one there.

It wasn’t until I was a junior, and I did my semester “abroad” in LA. (Yes, I know going from my school in upstate NY to Los Angeles, California isn’t quite “abroad” but I mean – it felt like a new world!) I was there to work in TV, but I pretty much fell in love with smoothies, instead. (You do know about my life-changing smoothie, right?)

I learned that people in California were doing the craziest things with their blender! They were throwing fruits and veggies in them and making these wild-colored beverages that sneakily tasted incredible and didn’t leave me feeling the opposite.

I was blown away. I was addicted. I was in love. I felt amazing. I looked even better. I jumped head first, enthusiastically, onto the smoothie party bus. Honk honk!

I noticed that the only blender all the smoothie places were using was the same blender that all the smoothie “cookbooks” were recommending – the Vitamix. So when my time in LA came to an end, and I came back to my side of the country, I didn’t even think twice. I went straight into my sock drawer, took out $400 cash that I had saved up from all of my jobs throughout high school and college (working at Coldstone Creamery and a local pizza joint, ironically), and bought the Bentley of blender – the goregous Vitamix.


It’s hard to put into words my relationship with my Vitamix, I guess I’d have to say that she became my best friend. My soul mate. My other half. I used her daily, at least once. And every time I threw my fruits, greens, nuts, seeds, coconuts, liquids powders and superfoods into her, she’d provide me with health in a glass, which I don’t think I could’ve gulped down any quicker. Vitamix, with her high-powered engine and her blaring, terrible sound, changed my life.

Smoothies are what fixed everything for me.

They altered my tastebuds so that I started preferring the taste of healthy foods to crappy foods. They changed my body so that I actually stared CRAVING healthy foods instead of crappy foods. They changed my apperance, so it became CLEAR (by my weight loss, glowing skin, insane amount of energy) that I was thriving on healthy foods instead of crappy foods. I can honestly attribute my current health and happiness to the crazy concotions that came out of my blender. Cause without them, I wouldn’t have been stuffing loads of plants into my body otherwise.

Fast forward to a few years ago, living in NYC. My first apartment here in the city was litereally (I am NOT EXAGGERATING), 85 square inches. (Do you have any idea how small that it?! I had rugs in my home growing up that are bigger than that!)

Since I didn’t even have room for a bedframe, it felt like my Vitamix took up half the apartment.

This was about the time that I started hearing about the Nutribullet, a much smaller, yet still high-speed blender, promoted by a hippie vegan dude whose nickname is “avocado.”

I remember ordering it, feeling like I was cheating on my Vitamix. I told myself “this is only temporary” as I stuffed her into a cabinet under my sink. 3 years later, she’s still there.

My Nutribullet became my new bestie. She can LITERALLY come with me everywhere. I take her when I travel to anywhere longer than 5 days. She’s THAT small that she can fit in my suitcase.


She’s no Bentley, but she’s a Nissan: “built for the human race.” Or a Subaru “driven by what’s inside.” Or maybe a Volvo: “for life.”

Whatever she is, I recommend her to you. (I mean, if you’re more of a Bentley person, you have the money (or you’re registering for your wedding) and you have the space, go get a Vitamix. Right now. GO!)

But if you’re ready to change your tastebuds, change your apperance, change your inner health and longevity, but don’t have a ton of money lying around, or a ton of space to lay things around on, go out and buy a Nutribullet. This is that “sign” you’ve been waiting for telling you to get your butt into gear. GO GET THAT BLENDER. And soon, we’ll talk more about how to use it.

Note: This is the first of a four-part written smoothie series!

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